Practice Makes Perfect

We have been talking about our amazing brains this week and how they can grow when we learn new things. In assembly, we learned how scientists found the brains of London taxi drivers were larger after they practised for ‘The Knowledge’ test to get their cab licence. Connie in Y4, who played the piano beautifully for us, told us that she practises playing five times a week. Clearly practice makes a difference as Connie was presented with her Grade 1 piano certificate – which she passed with distinction. However, we do have to practise the right things because, if we practise telling ourselves that we cannot do something, we will get really good at not being able to do it! Instead of saying “I can’t…” we need to say “I can’t yet” or “I can if I try…” and, of course, to not give up trying and persevering with difficult challenges. This morning, Loretta from Reception proudly showed off the trophy she received for taking on a challenge at her new Acro-dance club. She told us that she kept on telling herself “I can do it!” – that’s brilliant. Our brains really are amazing but they need looking after too: they need fuel from food and water and recharging with a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours).