Communication with Class Dojo

Thanks to FRoG, we have just got a lovely new set of iPads and one of the things we are going to use them for is to share news and information about what’s happening in the classroom on a more regular basis. We will be using an online tool called ClassDojo – which some parents already know about and use. In my last school, every parent was connected and they absolutely loved it because we shared school and class stories with many photos on almost a daily basis. ClassDojo can also be used to share extra details about homework tasks and links to useful websites. As only ‘invited parents’ (that’s just in our Greenfield School community) are able to see what we post, this provides a safe platform to share photos – including of our Stars of the Week. Parents can comment on posts or send non-urgent messages too. With the phone app, it will be extremely easy for parents to use and, as we can share loads more on ClassDojo, we will be reducing the number of newsletters we send out. We are just setting this up for the whole school and we will send you more information via ParentMail to get connected.