Science Week

We have had a fabulous Science Week. It started brilliantly with a special assembly from Mrs Hawker and her science ambassadors. They explored the theme, ‘Our Diverse Planet’, looking at diversity in humans, animals, plants, weather etc. and even carried out a mini weather experiment. The children have learned a lot of science this week and they were thrilled when many parents joined them in the classroom. We had nearly 50 parents at each of our four open sessions! From making mini water cycles, to investigating body parts, to creating strong structures with spaghetti and marshmallows, everyone seemed to have a great time. All pupils were encouraged to take part in the science poster competition too. The poster has to link to the ‘Our Diverse Planet’ theme and Mrs Hawker will send the best batch to the official British Science Week competition. At the end of the week, each teacher chose the best, most enthusiastic scientist in their class – you can imagine that with such fantastic scientific thinking being shared all week, it wasn’t an easy choice to make.