Curriculum News

It is over 10 years since Ofsted visited Greenfield but in December, an inspector came to look at our provision for modern foreign languages (MfL) which is part of the statutory curriculum for key stage 2 pupils (Years 3-6). This was not an inspection where judgements are made about the school that parents mostly know about, it was instead for the purpose of Ofsted research into how schools in general ensure pupils learn another language. Their findings show that our KS2 pupils are taught French regularly, our teaching plans are in line with what is expected and most pupils are able to remember what they have learned. There are one or two areas we can tweak and improve and we are working on these. It can be a daunting experience to be under inspection – even taking the telephone call to announce it – so well done to Mrs Remmers and everyone involved for representing Greenfield so well. It sounds like they all rose to the challenge and learned a lot from the experience. Although it is not intended as a judgement, the report is positive and we have made it available on the Ofsted website if you’re interested in reading it. It is not written with parents as the intended audience (like most new Ofsted reports) so you’ll have to overlook all the educational jargon. If you do have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.