Our House

At Greenfield, we have a highly effective house point reward system. Children can earn house points for putting in lots of effort with their learning, producing beautiful work, having lovely behaviour and manners and for just being a super member of our school community. Sports events and house competitions also give a well-earned injection of house points throughout the year.

The children are organised into four houses: Foley, Lyttleton, Stevens and Webb, the surnames of important historical figures who had links with Stourbridge. You can see our newly-voted house captains and vice captains on the back page of this week’s newsletter.

House points are collected each week, and in our whole school celebration assembly each month, totals are announced. The house with the most points for that month will be presented with the house cup and their house colour rosette will be attached to it. I wonder which house will be first to win the house trophy?

In addition, individual children come to see me when they have completed their Bronze, Silver and Gold house point charts. We aim for one chart per term, but I have already seen a pupil who has completed their Bronze! We will be sure to announce house and individual winners in forthcoming newsletters.