Greenfield’s Golden Rule

‘Treat others how you would like to be treated’ is our golden rule, and an excellent message for people of all ages and stages! Our children are clearly versed in what this rule means, but this week we have experienced a few children being hurt through ‘rough’ play. Please support us in promoting the importance of having kind hands and feet, playing fun, but safe, games on the playground and allowing everyone to join in. Playtimes should be good fun; a chance for the children to release some energy, see their friends and get some oxygen into their system ready for learning. Our Year 6 Playleaders are always on hand to help the younger children during playtimes. They are easily recognisable in their red caps, and have some lovely ideas for playground games. We have put a great photo of them on the back page of our newsletter this week……please remind your children of the great work that the Playleaders do!