Attitude is Everything

In Monday’s assembly, the children were very interested to learn how great role models achieve their goals. We looked at Harry Kane, captain of the England football team, and some of the wonderful things people who have worked with him over the years have said about him. We found that right from being 6 years old, everyone said that Harry had the right attitude. His Spurs club manager said, “Harry wanted to get to the top, and nothing was going to stop him achieving that because of the desire and mentality that he possesses.” The children thought about how they can make the goals they have written on their stars happen. Learning from Harry’s attitude, they need to:

  • Believe in themselves.
  • Be determined and dedicated.
  • Be brilliant learners – listening carefully, asking questions and so on.
  • Work hard.
  • Learn from mistakes and keep improving.
  • And, like Harry does with football, love what they are doing!