Parents’ Evening

We are really looking forward to seeing you at our Parents’ Evening next week. This is a great opportunity for you to find out about your child’s learning and progress in English and Maths from their teacher. As outlined in our recent letter about the changes to assessment at Greenfield, the teacher will be explaining:

  • How well your child is progressing with the subject for their age group and if they are able to keep up with what is expected or if they are going on to extra challenges and apply their learning in more depth.
  • What your child can do well and the key areas your child needs to improve on.
  • If your child needs any additional support.
  • How well your child has performed in relevant tests.
  • Your child’s attitude and effort to the subject.
  • What your child can do at home to improve and how you can support your child.

While the teachers will be in the hall for the meeting, the children’s books will be out in their classroom so please do take your opportunity to look at them. The children have put a lot of effort in producing some excellent work and we are sure they will be keen to show off.

Don’t forget, the Book Fair will be open during parents’ evenings. There are lots of great books on sale.