Thinking Caps On!

We know there are some really creative individuals within our Greenfield community…..we need your help please! We are looking to rename our successful ‘Good Morning and Good Afternoon Club’. It’s a bit of a mouthful, so something short, snappy and memorable would be ideal. Please email any suggestions to me or the school office.

Please don’t forget to use our before and after school provision. Both regular and occasional users are very welcome, and there is real flexibility when it comes to changes in arrangements. There is a dedicated phone number which you can text and ring after 4pm when the school office is closed. That number is 07561 827918 and your contact is Mrs Tracey Hewines, club manager.

We like the children to have a say in the kind of things on offer at Good Morning and Good Afternoon club and we do our very best to accommodate their requests. The children are taken outside to play wherever possible, but sometimes they just want to relax. It’s a great provision, please use it if you can.