Science…it’s not fiction!

When I ask children what their favourite subject at school is they often say Science! And why wouldn’t they? Our world is amazing, and there is so much to learn about it.

This week has been Science Week at Greenfield, on the theme of ‘Journeys’. Mrs Hawker, our Science Leader, kicked the week off with a brilliant assembly where the children were asked to think about scientific journeys.

There were some great suggestions: journeys in space, journeys around the body, journeys through nature, journeys of gases and liquids. In Monday’s assembly the children saw an experiment which involved coloured water ‘travelling’ from one glass to another “as if by magic”. And then, later in the week, the children witnessed a chemical reaction. In the words of Bethan in Year 2 “There’s going to be a big explosion!” Mrs Hawker combined vinegar and baking soda to show the hydrogen ions in the vinegar reacting with the sodium and bicarbonate ions in the baking soda. The chemistry of this was explained brilliantly by William in Year 5. Impressive stuff! This is an easy one to recreate at home and even better if you add some food colouring!

Today we have had a special Science Celebration Assembly where some of the excellent work done this week was recognised. Each teacher chose a ‘Scientist of the Week’.

They are Marshall and Maxi (Reception), James, Edie, Allie and Charles (Key Stage 1), Ella, Will and Sam (Year 3 and 4) and Evan, Hannah and Jimi (Year 5 and 6). Well done!

Mrs Hawker has also sung the praises of our Science Ambassadors who have helped her and all of our children during their Science work this week. Eleanor in Year 1 was so exited about taking part in the special assemblies – she is a definite Scientist in the making!