Happy New Year!

I am delighted to have joined Greenfield as the new permanent headteacher. It has been a busy first week getting to know everyone and as much as I can about how the school works.

My first day was spent with the staff for our INSET, where we were thinking about how you can better remember the things you learn and about a ‘growth mindset’. I’m of the firm belief that anyone can be successful at anything with the right opportunity, time, input, effort and practice. This really underpins the vision that ‘Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!’

It was lovely to meet the children as they came back on Tuesday and start getting to know them. They are a chirpy and enthusiastic bunch and have been very forthcoming. In my first assembly, we talked about looking forwards to the new year and a new start, while remembering fondly all we have achieved in the year that’s passed. It’s good to see that some children have made new year’s resolutions or have been thinking about how they might challenge themselves to try something new. Change can be both very exciting and a little scary at the same time, and this has resonated with us all a little this week.

Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly that I am feeling at home already. I have been trying to learn everyone’s name – I have mastered a few but I’m a long way off my target. People keep asking how to pronounce my name as it is a tricky one. Phonetically, it is ‘sti-lee-ann-ee-dees’ and most people are along the right lines when they just give it a go. Lots of parents and grandparents have introduced themselves while I have been outside school in the morning or end of day and wished me well too. If I have not met you already, I look forward to doing so in the next few weeks.

As I am getting to know you, I appreciate that you will be keen to know more about me. I’ve spent the last 12 years in Lincolnshire but I was born in Sheffield (hence the Yorkshire accent). I was headteacher of a large primary school for the past 8 years and absolutely loved it. As my husband works in the West Midlands and stayed here through the week, we decided to move home so we can spend more family time together. We have three children – two are grown up and have flown the nest but my little boy started school in Kidderminster this week. He was less anxious about the change than me and seems very settled already!

It was six months ago that I was appointed so, after waiting for so long, I am excited to throw myself into being head of Greenfield now. I am pleased to be supported by my deputy, Mrs Remmers. I can see she did a super job of leading and managing school last term and her dedication and hard work is very much appreciated.

Having been here for just one week, I am certain that everyone at Greenfield will be working hard together to continue to ensure the wellbeing and education of the children is the best that it can be.

Best wishes

Mrs Claire Stylianides