All the fun of the Christmas Fayre

Many thanks to all our children, families and friends for turning out in such great numbers to support our Christmas Fayre last Friday. It was a splendidly successful and enjoyable evening, generating over £3,000! All funds raised by the Friends go towards providing invaluable resources for our children and we are currently planning to renew all the computers in our Computing Suite! We are very grateful to our Friends of Greenfield (FroG) Team for all their efforts both before the event and on the night; it really is wonderful to see FroG invigorated with so many active and supportive members. We would also like to express our thanks to our Year 6 pupils for working so well on the stalls and helping out as Santa’s elves. In addition, we would like to thank Lukia, Millie, Jada and Sophia for returning from Year 7 at Redhill to help in the running of our Fayre.