Welcome to Greenfield!

Welcome to the Greenfield Primary School website.  We hope that it will provide you with useful information, give you a flavour of our school and help you to see what makes Greenfield such a special place.

We are an outstanding school with strong values and a very positive ethos at the heart of our community.  Our mission statement is ‘Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!’ and everyone in our school is keen to ensure that all our children are given all the educational opportunities, which will enable them to reach the maximum of their potential.

As a school we work hard together to achieve and maintain high standards in all that we do.  Our team of staff sets and expects a high standard of work and behaviour from each child.  We work together to promote a positive attitude to work and learning in our school. Our pupils are encouraged to do their very best in all aspects of school life and we value and encourage good manners, effort and success. We foster a happy, caring, calm yet vibrant atmosphere where children want to learn and are keen to come to school each day.  This stimulating climate provides opportunities for each child to grow in self-esteem, develop friendships and succeed as an individual by learning independence and respect for others.

The three elements of partnership between children, parents and school are central to our philosophy and vision for our school.  We believe strongly that the education of all children lies in this partnership and that close co-operation between home and school is essential for each child to feel secure, gain confidence and meet with success in their school and later life.  There are many opportunities for parents to come in to school, work with their children, see them perform and discuss their progress in learning.  We operate an open-door policy, so if you are a parent in our school you are always welcome to come and talk to me or a member of our staff if you have a question or a concern.

If you are a parent with a question or query for us or another member of the public, who would like to find out more about Greenfield or like your child to come to our school, please ring the school office on 01384 818585 and we will be happy to help you.  If you are a parent and would like a paper copy of the information on our website, please let us know and we shall be pleased to let you have it free of charge.

We look forward to a long, happy and successful partnership with you and your child in your child’s education.  We are proud of our school and aim to continue its commitment to excellence.

Claire Stylianides

Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!