Dangerous Driving

Yesterday morning one of our Hill Street neighbours was putting her children into their car seats in the back of her car. As she was fastening her youngest child into the roadside seat, it seems that a car drove straight at her and at the last minute, without indicating, drove up onto the pavement! I was shocked when I was informed. The registration of the car was noted and has been passed on to our PCSO’s. I do hope that it was not one of our parents as I know that we all work hard together to keep our Greenfield children safe at all times.

Hill Street is a constricted and potentially dangerous street with very narrow pavements. There have already been several near misses and it would be tragic if any child were hurt. Parents have complained that pupils are still being dropped off by drivers at our Hill Street entrance. Some drivers just stop in the road and let the children jump out of the car or even park on double yellow lines. This is endangering the safety of our children and is totally illegal. If you do come to Greenfield by car, please park on Worcester Street or alternatively on the Greenfield Gardens side of our school and walk your children into school via the park entrance. We are privileged to have two excellent lollipop ladies, who are there to keep our children safe as they cross the road. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Aim for 100%

This is a very busy half term as we run up to Easter. We have our Eisteddfod, two residentials (Year 3 and Year 4 in Derbyshire, Year 6 in Shropshire), the Dudley Concert at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, our own Spring Concert (starring the children of Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5) and we are also expecting a special surprise delivery for our Reception children. Make sure your child has excellent attendance or they will definitely miss out on some exciting learning experiences!


It’s time to celebrate

We introduced ‘praise postcards and phone calls’ at Greenfield in the week before the half term break. Ten parents in each class have received a special postcard or a very positive call from one of our teachers, commending your child’s achievement, attitude and effort. If you were lucky enough to get one this time, let your child’s teacher know what you thought of the idea. I spoke to one of our Mums yesterday and she was delighted to have received a praise postcard for her son and a call for her daughter: ‘I thought it was lovely for my daughter’s teacher to ring me and tell me how impressed she is with my little girl’s work and behaviour. It was another surprise on the first day of the holiday to receive the postcard praising my son! He was delighted and we were so proud of him.’ Please expect more postcards and calls just before Easter.


Have your say

We have had a good response from parents to our annual questionnaire but we have not yet received replies from all our families. We really do need as many of your responses as possible, so that we can follow up any specific issues with you individually and feed common themes into our School Improvement Plan for the coming year. There is a section on the survey, giving you the opportunity to explain what you particularly like at Greenfield and what you think we can do to improve. We would be grateful if you would return your forms to our school office or your child’s teacher by Friday 6 March, that’s the end of next week.


Register for asthma

Did you know that the law has changed to keep children with asthma safe at school by enabling them to have access to a spare emergency inhaler? I am pleased that we have been able to purchase an emergency inhaler at our local pharmacy and can now ensure that every child with asthma gets the basic care they need, when they might actually need it most. I know that parents of our children with asthma are also relieved that the law has at last taken a more common sense approach to this surprisingly common health condition. It is hard to believe that previous legislation meant it was actually illegal for a school to have a spare emergency inhaler for a child to use in the event of a potentially life-threatening asthma attack, even though exemptions allowed some organisations, including the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the armed forces, to use emergency inhalers. We have recently updated our own Asthma Policy and have contacted all the families of children known to have asthma. If we haven’t contacted you and you feel your child may have been missed out, please contact us immediately as children who are not on our school asthma register will not be able to use the emergency inhaler. Tragically, children have died from asthma attacks in school, so it’s absolutely vital your child can have access to an emergency inhaler if he or she is having an asthma attack.


Baby Alert!

We had a very eventful time at school yesterday from about 5.30 pm onwards. This involved our expectant Key Stage 1 teacher, Miss Nicola Tyler, a 999 call, some of our amazing staff, the arrival of an ambulance and a rapid trip to Russell’s Hall Hospital! We were delighted to hear that Nicola gave birth to a beautiful baby boy weighing in at 6lb 3oz at 7.05 pm! Mummy Tyler and her super son (brother to Oliver and Solomon) are both doing very well. I am sure that you will all join me in sending love, best wishes and many congratulations to Nicola, Antony and their lovely boys.


Spelling Bee Winners

George Westley-Smith, Mimi Haynes, Lilly Mullis and Jake Holloway competed at the Dudley Spelling Bee Final on Monday at Ridgewood High School and came home the winners! They won with a stunning grand total of 120 points with the runners up scoring 102.  They competed against St James’, Pedmore, Ham Dingle and Oldswinford Primary Schools.  This is an absolutely brilliant result.  Well done to our team!


Foley House by Bethan Rees (Deputy Head Girl)

Foley House takes its name from a man named Francis Edward Foley.  He was a British Secret Intelligence Officer for the MI6 during the Second World War!  This amazing man played a role helping thousands of Jews to escape from the Nazis.  He is now described as a British hero! Frank Foley, the ‘British Schindler’, helped save thousands of Jews by helping them escape Germany before 1939.  He was also known as ‘The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews’ from inside concentration camps as well as around Germany. He also hid Jews in his own home to assist them out of Germany and to safety. He did so by forging them passports and visas.

Following the war he retired to Stourbridge, where he lived on Eveson Road until his death in 1958. There is a memorial plaque honouring this man at the entrance to Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge.


Happy Half Term

It has been excellent to see so many of our parents at our Parents’ Evenings this week. Many thanks for your enthusiastic comments, which always make Parents’ Evenings at Greenfield very constructive events. The feedback on the Interim Report continues to be overwhelmingly positive. It is essential that we achieve 100% attendance from our parents at our Parents’ Evenings, so that we can guarantee that all our parents are informed about your child’s individual progress and know exactly what support you can offer your children. If you have not attended a Parent’s Evening or already made arrangements to meet with your child’s teachers, please make sure you do. We shall be contacting absent parents and families to ensure no child is left out.


Let us know what you think

Many thanks to those of you, who have already completed our annual Survey of Parents and Carers. If you haven’t then please take the time to do it over the half term break and return it to our office. We have been delighted with the overwhelming positive response from parents over the last seven years and take all responses very seriously. We read each questionnaire and follow up specific issues at an individual and whole school level. Common themes will feed into our School Improvement Plan and we look forward to sharing our plans for how we shall respond to issues highlighted by the questionnaire.


Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!