Play Equipment Update

The installation of our new piece of play apparatus, the ‘Boogie Woogie Plus’, started this week on Monday 15 June as scheduled. Steven and Jason from Playdale have completed the ground works and will press on with the building of the equipment next week before completing the safety surface. Our children are really impressed with how big the new play space will be.



Have you put our E-safety Evening on Monday 29 June at 7.00 pm in your diary yet? This is a very important internet safety training session that every parent should attend. You can only really keep your child safe if you know what young people do online, are fully aware of the risks that your children face and know how to manage them.

Time to Play

After many months of planning, waiting and counting down the days, we are delighted that the installation of our new play equipment will commence next week on Monday 15 June. The project will start with ground works to clear the area between our play boat and tepees. This will involve removing of all the shrubs, trees, paving and brick plinth to create an open space of just under   100 m2. When the area has been cleared, we can then proceed with the installation of the apparatus itself and the pouring of the bonded rubber mulch safety surface. We can’t wait to see the final result!

The purchase of this equipment is only possible with the generous support of our brilliant HSA, who have pledged £10,000 towards the costs. We are very grateful to all of you for your generous donations of Jolly Bags today. Please do your best to come along with your families, friends and neighbours to our Summer Fair on Saturday 20 June from 3.00 to 5.00 pm, so we can raise as much money as possible for our children.



Today we have taken part in the Big First Aid Lesson organised by St John Ambulance. This was a free online first aid session streamed live and direct into classrooms across the country. The interactive programme combined first aid training and 999 scenarios with amazing real life stories. In the same time it takes to watch an episode of a favourite TV show, our pupils in Key Stage 2 have learned some vital first aid skills. Please talk to your child and ask them what they have learned today. For a bit of fun and first aid education you really should try the excellent game of ‘Rescue Run’ by putting this link in your browser. Additional information is also available on the St John Ambulance website.


Join the Greenfield Caterpillars!

We are delighted with the way in which the Greenfield Caterpillars, our parent and child club, has grown and developed since its inception in September 2010 but in recent weeks the numbers have dwindled. This might be down to our recent good weather or simply the fact that appointments and other commitments have fallen on Friday mornings but it would be good to see the Caterpillars growing and thriving again. We would like to remind you that the group meets every Friday from 9.00-10.30 am in our school hall with a very small charge of £1 to cover refreshments. Greenfield Caterpillars is intended for mums and dads with babies and toddlers, who would like to come together for a play, a chat and a cup of tea. If you have a pre-school child, you are warmly invited to come along and join in. It may be called Greenfield Caterpillars but it has never been restricted exclusively to parents of our school. Please pass on the word to other parents you know in our school community, who you think would be interested in coming along.


Don’t miss our E-safety Evening!

If you care about your own child’s safety and well-being, you won’t want to miss our E-safety Evening on Monday 29 June at 7.00 pm. The internet has brought us many benefits and is a superb tool for learning, communication, shopping, reference and downloading music, pictures and games. However, the internet also poses significant risks to your child(ren). We have a comprehensive filtering system in school to minimise these risks but how safe is your child when they are browsing on a tablet, a smartphone or a netbook at home? Make sure you attend this important internet safety training session, so that you can find out what young people do online, be aware of the risks that your children face and know how to manage them.


Help Needed

The preparations for our Summer Fair are moving forward at a pace but we need more hands on deck to ensure that this important event is as successful as it needs to be. I am hugely grateful to the dedicated core of our brilliant Home School Association, who work with so much enthusiasm and laughter to plan our events and make them happen. We are currently finalising the list of stalls for the Fair and unless we get a few more volunteers, we shall have to limit what we can usually offer. This would be a great shame as so many of the stalls are geared towards our children. If you can just spare as little as an hour to help us set up, man a stall or clear up after the event, please come forward and let me know. The Summer Fair is an important community event as well as being our major fundraiser, so please try your very best to help us out.


In a class of our own

We are currently organising our classes for September as part of our planning for the coming school year. As we organise the new classes, our teachers will draw on their excellent understanding of our children and, in addition, will ask each child to compile his/her own list of Learning Partners. These are other pupils your child works well with and who also support your child in their learning. If there is anything, which you would like to make us aware of, please see me or your child’s current class teacher as soon as possible and by Wednesday 10 June at the latest.

A new school year will also mean it’s time to change our class names too. The job of coming up with the new names has been given to our current Head/Deputy Boy/Girl team of Toby Gorner, Ben Harper, Jessica Noble and Bethan Rees and their newly elected successors, Charlie Walker, George Westley-Smith, Esther Evans and Grace  Park-Davies. They need to compile a list of famous men and women, who represent a range of nationalities, areas of expertise and reasons for being significant. The Head/Deputy Boy/Girl teams will be collecting suggestions from all our children during play and lunch times next week. If you do have any good ideas, please let them know, so they can be added to the list.


Election Result

The ballot papers have been counted and the results of our Head Boy and Head Girl election have been confirmed.

Head Boy:    Charlie Walker

Head Girl:    Esther Evans

Deputy Head Boy:   George Westley-Smith

Deputy Head Girl:   Grace Park-Davies

We congratulate all our candidates for their mature attitude and are delighted to announce that they will all be Prefects, when the new school year starts.

Black Country Champions

Many congratulations to our brilliant Greenfield tag rugby team for such a splendid achievement in this week’s Black Country Games. The team was crowned Dudley champions earlier in the school year and on Wednesday we went to Old Halesonians RFC to compete against the best schools from the West Midlands. Our qualifying pool consisted of teams from Saint John Bosco Primary from Sandwell, Blackwood Primary from Sutton Coldfield and St Stephen’s C of E Primary from Wolverhampton.

We enjoyed a superb series of performances, making it through to the final against Church of the Ascension Primary. We have experienced several close and exciting encounters with teams from the Kingswinford school in recent years, so it was no surprise when we saw they were going to be our opponents in the final. Our brilliant team of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils put on a flawless performance and achieved a comfortable 7-3 victory. This means that Greenfield are the Black Country 2015 Tag Rugby Champions. This is the third time we have won this title in the past 5 years!

I am immensely proud of the effort, enthusiasm and positive sporting attitude shown by our team. Well done Max Lamb, Connor Palmer, Joe Owen, Toby Gorner, Ben Atherton, Isobel Norton, Jessica Noble, Sam Grimmett-Bate, Joe Kelly, Jada Thompson, Millie Knott and Sonny Morgan! What a team! You are a credit to our school and really prove how much can be achieved through dedication, team work and determination.


Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!