Time to learn

Our two key priorities are to ensure that your children are happy in our school and that each child achieves academic success by making excellent progress in their learning. We are very keen for you to be involved in your child’s learning and value the important contribution to learning that you make at home. To help parents to find out more about how early reading skills are learned and taught at Greenfield, we shall be running two Parent’s Reading and Phonics Workshops. The first is on Thursday 18 September and is aimed at parents of Year 1 children and the second is on Wednesday 1 October for parents of Reception children. Please put these dates in your diary and come along ready to take part.

The New School Year

We look forward to welcoming all our children and families back to Greenfield for the start of the new school year on Tuesday 2 September.  The school gates will open at 8.45 am as usual.  We have been busy during the holidays and do hope you will notice all the many improvements both inside and outside.  Make sure you look smart in your uniforms, children, and be ready for an exciting start to the term with your new classes and teachers.

Good Bye and Good Luck!

This final week of our school year at Greenfield has been a very special one.  Saying goodbye to our Year 6 pupils, who are moving on to the next phase of their education, is especially difficult.  While we feel happy celebrating their successes and achievements, we all feel sad that they are leaving us and that we won’t have the chance to work so closely together again.  It was a privilege to attend the Year 6 Prom Night on Tuesday evening.  The quality of performances across the whole year band was exceptional and the parents of our Year 6 pupils were treated to a showcase of the children’s gifts and talents. We are especially grateful to our Year 6 staff team for putting in such a huge effort to make this last half term so memorable for our pupils with the excitement of rehearsals, performances, educational visits and the Prom.

As our Year 6 pupils leave Greenfield, we say goodbye to 23 of our families, whose youngest or only child is moving on.  The three elements of partnership between children, parents and school are central to my philosophy and vision for our school.  This close co-operation between home and school has helped these children to feel secure, gain confidence and meet with success.  We thank our Year 6 parents for being such an important part of their children’s education and for working so closely with us.  Do the same with your child’s new secondary school and your child will not fail to do well.  Remember, you will always be welcome in our school and we do hope you will stay in touch.

Today we also say a final farewell to our staff leavers.  We are very grateful to Mrs Jane Underwood and Mr Andrew Brettell for all their invaluable work and wish them all the best for an active, happy and healthy retirement.  We also wish good luck to Miss Jane Kelly, Mrs Karen Morris, Mrs Clare Heather, Mrs Sarah Hodson and Miss Debbie Robbins.  I am sure you will join me in thanking all of these staff for their effort and commitment throughout their time at Greenfield and wishing them all the very best for future success.

I would like to thank every single member of our superb staff team at Greenfield for all their dedication, inspiration and hard work throughout this school year.  We have all worked hard to continue to build on our ‘Outstanding’ status and this school year has brought us considerable, continued success.  Our recent academic, creative and sporting achievements are well-deserved rewards for our children, staff and everyone connected with our school. Thank you all so much for your continued involvement, support and warm words of praise and congratulations.

We wish you all a safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing all our children and families on Tuesday 2 September at 8.45 am for the start of the Autumn Term.

Best wishes for a peaceful and relaxing Summer Holiday from the Greenfield Team.

Last day of the school year

The dress code for the final day of our 2013-2014 school year is uniform as usual.  Our Leavers’ Assembly starts at 2.00 pm and is reserved exclusively for our Year 6 parents and families.  We do hope that you will stay to say good bye properly over Tea and Cakes.

Leavers’ Assembly

This special whole school assembly on Friday 11 July, 2014 is exclusively for the parents and families of our Year 6 pupils.   The children will perform for the final time at Greenfield and each individual will share his or her aspirations for their own futures.

This has been a very successful year for our school and all our children. We thank you for your continued support and involvement in life and learning at Greenfield throughout the whole school year.

Share the Learning

We have had an excellent turn out for all our ‘Share The Learning’ assemblies with attendance from over 75% of parents in each class! We really do appreciate this tremendous level support and it means so much to the children to see you there. It has been inspiring to see the children talking with such subject knowledge and sharing their enthusiasm for their cross-curricular learning themes with their peers, parents and families. These assemblies neatly bring the year’s learning journey to a conclusion and allow you to see what the children consider to be the highlights of their learning.

Time Flies

It is amazing to think that our once new Reception children are in their last term of their first year of full-time education already.  We are delighted to have received a record breaking 238 applications for the 40 places in Reception for September 2014!  It was a pleasure to welcome the parents of our new intake for their initial welcome session at Greenfield this week.  Our next induction sessions are on Wednesday 4 June, when the children will have a chance to get to know their new peers and our staff, while we share all the important information with parents.  We improve and develop our curriculum, systems and schedules each year, so even if you have been through it before, please don’t assume it will be ‘business as usual’ or you might be in for a surprise.

Keep it Up

We would like to thank the overwhelming majority of our families, who make such a great effort to ensure your children achieve excellent attendance.  Our attendance for the school year up to today is 96.59%, despite significant outbreaks of sickness and chicken pox.  This compares to95.65% for the same period last year.  Please do your best to make sure your child achieves 100% attendance for the last half term of the year, so they can get as much learning in as possible and we can move to over 97% attendance for the whole school year.

On your marks, ready, steady, go…

It is unfortunate that we had to cancel our Sports’ Days this week but the field at the Stourbridge Children’s Centre on Forge Road was badly waterlogged.  We look forward to seeing all our parents and families at our rearranged Sports’ Days, Early Years and Key Stage 1 on Thursday 3 July and Key Stage 2 on Friday 4 July.  Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine!

Time for Transition

As we look toward the end of one school year and the start of another, we are working hard to ensure that the transition to new classes and teachers will be achieved as smoothly and effectively as possible for all our children.   We are consulting with the children to ensure that our September classes are based on cohesive, positive friendship groupings.  All the children have completed their list of Learning Friends and these are used as the basis for compiling the new classes.  We would also like to remind you about our Transition Meetings onMonday 7 July.  The meetings will enable our staff to explain fully to parents the learning expectations for the new phase that your child will be entering in September.  We shall also explain how we structure our weekly timetable, organise homework and how you can best support your child in their learning to help them achieve their full potential in their new year group.  The meetings will take place at the following times:
 Parents of Reception children moving to Key Stage 1
 Parents of Year 2 children moving to lower Key Stage 2
7.30pm Parents of Year 4 children moving to upper Key Stage 2

Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!