Tour de Greenfield

Many thanks to all our children for making such a splendid effort to turn up on wheels for our very first Wheelie Mufti today. It was brilliant to see so many children arriving at school on bikes, scooters, roller blades and skateboards. We counted 230 vehicles! Mrs Remmers and her family are raising funds towards the cost of a stair-lift to enable her Uncle Paul to get up and down stairs safely. Having risen at 5.50 am, Mrs Remmers set off from Kidderminster at 6.50 am together with Uncle Paul’s wife: ‘It was a great way of getting to work for a change but I‘m not sure if I could manage the 20 mile round trip every day of the year, especially in the ice and snow. I really enjoyed the early morning ride along the canal. The hill from Caunsall up to Sugar Loaf Lane was a challenge but I made it. Thank you to all the children and families for your support.’


Apparatus Update

The final phase of the play equipment installation starts next week on Tuesday 14 July. The rubber ecomulch safety surface will be laid by a specialist team over two days. We all hope that it will be ready to play on before the end of the school year. Please keep your fingers crossed!


Screen Stars

The children in our Good Morning and Good Afternoon Club are really lucky to have had the privilege of working for a week with an amazing team of creative artists from CITV. Led by director Lee Mann, the idea was for all the children to invent a robot with a specific function. The children worked with Lee and graphic artists Carl Hadley and Jardine Sage to develop their designs and build the robots. The robots will be brought to life in an animation in post-production and the children will see photographs of themselves introducing their robots. The children also wrote short scripts and recorded voice overs. The final mini films will be screened on CITV in September. We shall let you know when they will be on but we have also been promised a show reel, which will be posted on our website. Many thanks to Lee, Carl, Jardine, their technical team and our brilliant Greenfield out of school hours staff for giving the children such an unforgettable experience.


Forest School Makeover

We are grateful to Alison Holloway (Mum of Jake, Will and Erin) and her team of colleagues from her company Carillion for giving so generously of their time on a volunteering day in Greenfield last Friday. Our Site Manager, Mr Butler, was very grateful for all their help and hard work in our Forest School outdoor classroom. Alison, Karen, Roma and Ian spent the morning with Mr Butler weaving in the new growth on our willow structure, cutting back the undergrowth and clearing a very overgrown patch next to Reception. This patch has now been dug over and Mr Butler will soon be planting a crop of winter vegetables with the children.


Making a Splash

We are really proud of Owen Westwood in Year 5, who has competed for Stourbridge Swimming Club’s A Team in the regional league. Last Saturday the team went to the final gala needing to win to get to the Grand Final. The team did win and Owen was part of the success. On Sunday Owen then went to the County Relays in Gloucester. His relay team won their heats in two separate events comfortably, leading to them win silver medals in both finals. The team’s efforts contributed to Stourbridge coming second overall in the County Relays. This is a superb achievement from a talented and modest young man. Well done, Owen!


Share the Learning

It was great to see so many parents at our Key Stage 1 ‘Share the Learning’ assemblies this week. We do hope that as many parents as possible in Reception and Key Stage 2 will be able to make it to these special celebration assemblies next week, bringing the year’s learning journey to a conclusion and allowing you to see what the children consider to be the highlights of their learning.

Essential E-safety

As a parent, who cares about your own child’s safety and well-being, you will already have made arrangements to attend our E-safety Evening on Monday 29 June at 7.00 pm. There is no doubt that the internet is a brilliant resource for learning, communication, entertainment and retail therapy, but the internet also poses significant risks to your child(ren). Our comprehensive filtering system in school minimises these risks but how safe is your child when they are browsing on tablets, smartphones or PC’s at home? Please do your very best to come along to this important internet safety training session, so that you can find out what young people do online, be aware of the risks that your children face and know how to manage them.


Sporting Superstars

Our summer of sporting success has continued this week in yesterday’s Stourbridge Athletics Championships at the Dell Stadium. Our Year 5 and Year 6 athletes competed in shot put, long jump, ball throwing, 75 m sprint, 75 m skipping, 200 m, 400 m and a sprint relay. We are delighted to announce that our Year 5 Boys’ Team came first and that our Year 5 Girls’ Team came second! All our boys and girls really excelled themselves in the individual and team events. We are very proud of their achievements.


Summer Fair Success

Many thanks to our children, families, friends and everyone else in our school community for turning out in such great numbers to our Summer Fair last Saturday and making it such a great success. I am especially grateful to the dedicated core of our brilliant Home School Association, who turned up early in the morning to erect the gazebos, set up the stalls and make sure that everything was ready to roll when the Fair opened at 3.00 pm. We really do appreciate the time and effort of our parents, families and staff, especially Mr Butler, who helped to make the event happen, while enduring the full range of English summer weather from torrential downpours to boiling sunshine. It was good to see and meet former pupils and parents. I was fortunate enough to meet some former members of the HSA from 30 years ago, who actually made the stalls, which we still use!

The Summer Fair raised a superb total of £1919.91! This is a really great result and a significant contribution to raising the £10,000 pledge towards our new play equipment, which is starting to take shape. The holes for the uprights have been dug this week and the posts themselves and the platform for the stainless steel slide are being installed as I write. We have been informed that the remainder of the apparatus should come together quickly and we hope to be ready for the laying of the safety surface next week.


All the Fun of the Summer Fair

Many thanks to all our children and families for your help and support in preparing for our Summer Fair, which takes place tomorrow, Saturday 20 June from 3.00-5.00 pm. We are very grateful for all your donations of jolly bags, bottles, cakes and toys on our mufti days. The BBC forecast predicts warm sunshine after morning showers but please keep your fingers crossed for perfect Summer Fair weather! We are raising funds for our new play equipment, so please bring your families, friends and neighbours with you to the major social and fundraising event of our school year.


Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!