Democracy in Action

Election Week at Greenfield has been a great experience for all our children and staff.  The candidates, campaign teams and voters have all taken the process very seriously and after yesterday’s election, the votes have now been counted.  The winners will be declared in our afternoon assembly and we shall post the results in the news section of our website after school today, so please have a look.


Ready, Steady, Go!

We are delighted and fortunate to have been able to lay on such super weather for our Sports Days this week! It was wonderful to see so many of our parents and families. Some of you were clearly prepared for a sporting picnic complete with blankets, chairs and drinks. The field at the Stourbridge Children’s Centre provided an ideal venue and we are grateful to the Centre for letting us use their facilities. I am sure you will agree that our children excelled themselves in the true spirit of healthy competition. Congratulations to our older pupils, who worked together so efficiently to run the individual events, organise the equipment and tally the scores.


 Register now for new Parentmail

It’s essential that you register for the new, upgraded Parentmail.   You will, by now, have received an email asking you to verify your account.  Please do so as a matter of urgency.  After half term, we will be transferring to the new version and unless you have registered, we will be unable to contact you with essential information.  To date 80 (28%) parents have verified, with 203 (72%) have yet to verify.


Election Fever

Following hot on the heels of last week’s national General Election, we are about to enter Election Week at Greenfield.  Our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl have traditionally been selected by our staff.  However, this year all our children and staff are going to experience democracy in action.  I have been very impressed with the way in which our Year 5 children have taken the matter so seriously and immersed themselves in the process of nominating eight boys and eight girls as candidates.  Campaign teams have been out together and next week we shall find out all about the candidates’ manifestoes and election pledges.  Election Day is Thursday 21 May and we shall try our very best to declare the results in next week’s newsletter. We wish all our candidates the very best!


Tried and Tested

Many congratulations to our Year 6 pupils for showing such a positive attitude and working so well during SAT’s this week.  After months of eager anticipation and a few pre-test nerves, the reality of SAT’s Week was well summed up by one child: ‘It has actually been a good week and I have enjoyed it.  The tests were fine and I think I have done well.’  It has been wonderful to see all the boys and girls turning up early each morning for our SAT’s Breakfast Club. This continues to be a successful and worthwhile initiative, which has now run for eight years.  It gives children the opportunity to get into school early, see their classmates and overcome any worries.  Our Year 6 pupils have achieved 100% attendance this week and not one child has been late!  We would like to thank the HSA for kindly funding the breakfast each year and are very grateful to our Year 6 team of Miss Cook, Miss Tang, Mr Aldersley, Mrs Remmers, Mrs Taylor and Mrs O’Brien,  who were in school early each day to prepare and serve the breakfasts.  Year 6 can now look forward making the most of their last eight weeks at Greenfield and to preparing an excellent end of year performance before they make the move onto the next phase of their education.  Well done, Year 6!


Game, Set and Match

Congratulations to our Year 3 and 4 Greenfield Tennis Team, who all performed amazingly well at the Dudley Year 3 and 4 Tennis Finals on Tuesday.  Greenfield has such a wealth of talented tennis players that we were able to enter three teams including Ruby Pritchard, Molly Carroll-Grigg, Eve Spencer, Maddie Baker, Hannah Cole, Lucy Halbert, Jake Homer, Jake Hammonds, George Gallon, Ben Ashman, Jack Thomas and Finn Kendrick.

18 teams from across Dudley entered the competition and it was Greenfield’s  very own team of George Gallon, Ben Ashman, Lucy Halbert and Hannah Cole who won!  They will go forward to represent the whole of Dudley in the Mini Tennis Black Country Games in June.



Talk, Talk

Big Writing takes place in our school every Friday morning. It provides an excellent opportunity for all our children to develop their writing skills by generating ideas and getting them down on paper independently. Even as adults it can be difficult, if not impossible, to express oneself clearly in the written word unless we can articulate our thoughts and opinions in our speech. In order to help our pupils to develop their thinking, speaking and listening skills, we use Talk Topics. Our teachers share class Talk Topics with our children to help them to generate ideas and opinions in advance, so that they do not come to their writing cold. It would be very helpful if you as parents and carers could help to stimulate your child(ren)’s thinking and speaking skills at home by joining in with the class Talk Topics for next week:

Reception: How do the Police help us?

Year 1: Talk about the characters in ‘The Sword in the Stone’ – can you describe them?

Year 2: Talk about the differences between Beauty and the Beast – think about their looks and their feelings.

Year 3 and Year 4: Can you explain how plants grow? What do they need? Do all plants grow from seeds?

Year 5: Should we send humans to Mars? 

We usually have whole school Talk Topics as part of our Monday morning whole school assemblies. During the assembly the children have three minutes to talk together on a topic relating to our Greenfield Values. As you can imagine, this can be quite a lively event when all our 283 children share their ideas at the same time! Please tell us how you get on with the class Talk Topics and if you have good ideas for more themes pass your suggestions to your child’s classteacher.


Tweet, Tweet

When you want to find out any information about Greenfield, your two best options are to either come in and ask us in person or check our website Our website hosts a wealth of essential information, including our latest newsletter, events, term dates, news, performance data and our Ofsted Report, to mention but a few.  If you are ever unsure about a Mufti Day, an Open Session or a school trip, this is the place to look.  We have recently joined Twitter, so follow us and stay up to date with what’s happening at Greenfield.


Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Many, many thanks to all our families and children for such a brilliant response to our Mufti Fundraiser for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal today. We have raised £500 and it has been sent directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee.


Scientists of the Future

How early in a child’s life should we start to inspire them and show them all the amazing opportunities there are in the world? It is never too early to plant a seed in the mind of a child about the wonderful things they can do with their lives as they grow up as well as leading a healthy life. It helps set the foundations for the rest of their school lives, allowing them to have direction and focus in their school work.

This is why we invited Classroom Medics to Greenfield to work with Year 5 on Tuesday morning and introduce them to the exciting world of science, technology and medicine. During the session our children used an ultrasound to see their bones and muscles on a screen, recorded their oxygen levels, blood pressure and temperature, tested their reflexes, experienced different eye diseases with special goggles and even took a picture of their eye with an iPhone! ‘I really enjoyed learning about how many sports people used the reaction test to improve their reflexes when training,’ explained Charlie Walker.

Sometimes you have to put some inspiration in to get some aspirations out!


Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!