Champion Spellers!

Our work on phonics, reading and spelling is really paying off. A team of our Year 5 pupils took part in the Spelling Bee competition at Ridgewood High School this week and we are pleased to have come first. Our team scored a grand total of 179 points, which is the highest in all the heats. Congratulations to Aleeza Imaan, Myles Dhaliwal, Aaliyah Emery and Erin Holloway for representing Greenfield and doing so brilliantly.

There were seven rounds in the competition, including anagrams, meaning links, missing letters and even a teachers’ round! If one team got an answer wrong, another team had the chance to steal the opportunity to answer correctly and our Greenfield Team were good at this. Aaliyah and Aleeza commented: “It was really exciting and great to be working as a team. Although we are competitive individually, we worked very well together and helped each other to spell words like ‘rhinoceros’, ‘lieutenant’, ‘comprehend’, ‘ruthlessness’, ‘environment’, ‘existence’, ‘abbreviation, ‘autograph’ and ‘companion’. We are now through to the finals and hope to do really well again.”


Fuelled for Learning

We’d like to remind you that fruit and milk are provided free every day to all children in Reception, while all children in Year 1 and Year 2 have a choice of free fruit. We run a Toast and Juice Bar daily for children in Key Stage 2, with toast at 15p and juice at 25p. All children are, of course, welcome to bring in their own small healthy snack such as mini breadsticks, low-sugar breakfast bars, rice-cakes, dried fruit, fruit bars, an oat biscuit, cheese strings, cheese cubes, washed fruit or vegetables, etc. Please do not provide chocolate bars or crisps and if you include grapes, make sure they are cut in half to avoid choking hazards. It’s great to see so many children with water bottles, which they can refill when they need to from one of our water coolers. We want all our children to be fully fuelled and hydrated for learning!


Making Learning Irresistible

It has been wonderful to see so many parents joining us for our Open Sessions in Key Stage 2 this week. We really do appreciate your involvement in your child’s education at Greenfield. Open Sessions require our teachers to ensure that activities not only demonstrate specific learning and teaching strategies but also allow opportunities for parental participation. We genuinely believe that the more that you as parents and carers can support and engage in your child’s learning and development, the more successful your child will be. The positive feedback on the Open Sessions certainly shows that they are a worthwhile initiative. Make sure that you join us in Key Stage 1 at 9.10 am on:

Tuesday 30 January Year 1: Miss Cotton’s and Mrs Hawker’s Sets

Wednesday 31 January Year 2: Mrs Cattell’s Set

Thursday 1 February Year 2: Miss Batham’s Set


Take Away Learning

This term all our Open Sessions have a Maths focus and start at 9.10 am. Key Stage 2 parents are invited to join us next week – Year 6 on Tuesday, Year 3 and Year 4 on Wednesday and Year 5 on Thursday. The format for the sessions is designed to enable our teachers to explain how important skills are taught, increase parental participation in the lesson and give parents ideas to use to support your child’s learning at home. Parents with children in different year bands will also be able to see how learning progresses through our school. A comment from a parent last year sums it up well: ‘It gave me great insight into how Maths is taught and helpful ideas to build on and support the subject at home’.

We look forward to welcoming parents of our Key Stage 1 children on:

Tuesday 30 January Year 1: Mrs Cotton’s and Mrs Hawker’s Sets

Wednesday 31 January Year 2: Miss Cattell’s Set

Thursday 1 February Year 2: Miss Batham’s Set


2017 Parent Survey Results

We are pleased to be able to share the outcomes of our 2017 Parent and Carer Survey. Many thanks to our families for taking the time to fill it in and telling us what you particularly like at Greenfield and what you think we can do to improve. If you have any suggestions, questions or would just like to know more about your child’s education in our school, just come in and see your child’s class teacher or Mr Bravo. The door is always open.

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
My child enjoys school. 82% 18% 0 0
My child is making good progress in his/her learning. 85% 15% 0 0
The teaching is of a high standard. 93% 7% 0 0
The curriculum at Greenfield helps my child to become an independent learner. 81% 19% 0 0
My child knows how to improve in his/her learning (eg next steps, targets, traffic lights). 73% 27% 0 0
My child enjoys and benefits from learning opportunities outside the classroom (eg educational visits, performances, themed days, visitors, clubs, sports, Forest School, Eisteddfod, CIL, residentials, author/artist in residence). 94% 6% 0 0
My child is learning about healthy lifestyles (eg healthy eating and exercise). 62% 35% 3% 0
The school helps me to support my child’s learning (eg through discussions with teachers, Open Sessions for Parents, Share the Learning Assemblies, reports, Parents’ Evenings). 94% 6% 0 0
The school is well led and managed. 93% 7% 0 0
My child has made good friendships at school. 78% 22% 0 0
My child feels happy and safe at playtime and knows where to go if they have no one to play with (eg Play Leaders). 79% 19% 2% 0
I feel that my child is in a safe and nurturing environment at school. 85% 15% 0 0
The school takes account of children’s views (eg School Council, Eco Warriors, Structured Conversations, Head/Deputy Elections). 75% 25% 0 0
The school seeks the views of parents and carers and takes account of their suggestions and concerns (Open Door Policy, Survey). 81% 19% 0 0
I am aware that my child behaves well in school and am informed if he/she does not. 88% 12% 0 0
I feel I can approach the school if I have a concern or worry. 92% 8% 0 0

Eating for Greenfield

We are really grateful to all our parents in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for supporting Greenfield by encouraging your child to have a free Universal Free School Meal yesterday, Census Day. Census Day is the day when the Department for Education collects information about all schools and their pupils, which is then used to calculate funding for the coming financial year. This information includes free school meal eligibility, ethnicity, special educational needs and attendance. The amount of money we receive to fund Universal Free School Meals is based purely on the number of children, who took up the offer of the Universal Free School Meal yesterday. Put simply, the more children who ordered a meal, the more money we have generated for our school and yesterday every child present in Early Years and Key Stage 1 had a meal! Thank you!!


Thirst for Learning

Learning can certainly be thirsty work but it is important that all our children remain well-hydrated. Water makes up about 80 percent of our brains and is essential in neurological transmissions for thinking and learning. Poor hydration affects mental performance and learning ability by reducing the brain’s ability to send and receive information. Studies show that once thirst is felt, mental performance including memory, attention and concentration decreases by as much as 10%!

If you would like your child to have a drink of water whenever they need to, please ensure that your child has their own water bottle in school every day. To avoid the possibility of children sharing cups and minimise the risk of sharing germs, send your child to school with a clean water bottle, which they can fill when they need to from one of our three water coolers. These water coolers are located in the Key Stage 1 cloakroom, the Key Stage 2 corridor and in our CIL kitchen area.


What is a food allergy?

We have several children at Greenfield who suffer from food allergies. A food allergy is a reaction by your immune system to a normal amount of a particular food. This reaction happens every time that food is eaten. Although food allergies are rare, they are most common in children under the age of four. The most frequent food allergies are to milk, eggs, fish, nuts, citrus fruit and tomatoes. We have a comprehensive list of our children, who suffer from food allergies. However, please make sure that you have definitely informed us if your child suffers from a food allergy.


Now Wash Your Hands

We do hope that this term will turn out to be a healthy one, but the current national flu epidemic is taking its toll at Greenfield. In addition, we have had to send several children home due to sickness. We would be grateful if you would please be vigilant for any signs and symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting in your children. If your child is unlucky enough to be ill, please keep him/her at home for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped, in order to reduce the risk of passing any virus to others. We shall be encouraging the children to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, to keep the risk of infection to a minimum.


A Stunning Start to a Happy New Year

It has been good to see all our children and families again after the Christmas break. The children look rested and have all made an excellent start to the new term. It has been exciting to see the children launching into their new learning topics with such great enthusiasm. Our Year 1 and Year 2 children are discovering a ‘Talking Box’, Year 3 and Year 4 will be building giant ‘Iron Men’. Year 5’s ‘Lost’ theme started with a Survival Scavenger Hunt today, while Year 6 had to apply their problem solving skills to a Criminal Code Breaker. I am unable to say anything about Reception’s topic launch, as it is currently filed under ‘Top Secret’. Many thanks to our teachers for coming up with innovative ideas to capture the children’s imaginations and kick start cross-curricular learning for the new term.


Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!