Thirst for Learning

As the current heat wave continues, please ensure that your child has their own water bottle in school. It is important that children remain well-hydrated and they have access to their water bottle at all times. Water makes up about 80 percent of our brains and is essential in neurological transmissions. Poor hydration affects mental performance and learning ability by reducing the brain’s ability to transmit and receive information. Studies show that once thirst is felt, mental performance including memory, attention and concentration decreases by as much as 10%! Please send your child to school with a clean water bottle and they can fill it when they need to from one of our water chillers, which are located in the Key Stage 1 cloakrooms and the Key Stage 2 corridor.


In the Summertime

Many thanks to everyone, who has been sending in items for our farm themed Summer Fayre on Saturday 7 July from 1.00-4.00 pm. Farm related items are especially appreciated, as are teddies, toys, books, CD’s, DVD’s and unwanted gifts for Tombola prizes.

Next Monday is our Jolly Bag Mufti Day, when children can come to school in home clothes in return for donating a Jolly Bag. A Jolly Bag is a gift bag, which has been filled with a number of small gifts, toys, sweeties, etc, and can be labelled as suitable for a boy or for a girl. The Jolly Bag stall at the Fayre is always one of the most popular with our children and sells out very quickly. We are praying for good weather as we do our best to raise funds for playground markings and outdoor equipment to enhance our children’s break and lunchtime play experiences. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, so please bring your families and friends with you. Thank you in advance for your support.


Time to Inspire

All our Year 3 and Year 4 trombonists in Martinique will have the privilege of taking part in the Dudley Performing Arts Inspire Concert at Dudley Town Hall on Thursday 28 June. The event is a culmination of a year’s work for many hundreds of children and will enable our pupils to play in a huge orchestra with other children, advanced students, students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and a small group of professional musicians. We also wish our choir all the best for their performance and participation in the Stourbridge Key Stage 2 Music Festival next week at Oldswinford Hospital School. They sound amazing in rehearsal and are bound to impress.


In a Different Class

Thank you for turning out in such numbers and giving us your positive support at our Transition Meetings last Monday. We explained how the financial pressures of inadequate funding and rising costs are forcing us to restructure classes at the upper end of our school and move to having three mixed Year 5 & Year 6 classes, just as we have in Year 1 & Year 2 and Year 3 & Year 4.

We are pleased that we have been able to put arrangements into place, which will enable both Year 5 and Year 6 to continue to be taught in pure year band groups for English and Maths every morning. This means that we shall still pursue our proven approaches, which have enabled our children to achieve such successful outcomes for the last 8 years. Maths will be taught in ability groups, while English will be taught in mixed ability groups. Mrs Remmers and Miss Midgley will teach Year 5, while Miss Cook and Miss Tang will teach Year 6. Science and Computing will also be taught in pure year band groupings for two afternoons per week.

Make sure you attend our ‘Welcome to Your New Class’ meetings in September. You will meet your child’s teaching team and get important information on the learning expectations and curriculum content for your child’s new year band.

All our children have now chosen their Learning Friends and Mrs Remmers is busy putting our new classes together ready for September. We shall announce our news classes, together with our new class names, as soon as possible.


Little Brothers and Sisters

We look forward to welcoming 16 little brothers and sisters and their parents to our second induction session ‘Life at Greenfield’ next week on Wednesday 20 June. Our new children will go into our Reception class to enjoy activities with our staff and play with their future classmates. We shall introduce our staff to the parents, provide information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, explain how learning is structured and share our expectations. Our Friends of Greenfield will be present together with staff from the Uniform Shop, so you will have the opportunity to buy or order new school uniform. This meeting is an important opportunity for us to ensure that the information we hold on all children is accurate. Make sure you bring our child’s birth certificate to enable us to record that we have seen it and verify that the information we hold is indeed correct.


Reading Champions

It has been great to see so many children being presented with their Reading Champions badges in our weekly assemblies. 55 children have already managed to achieve their Gold Award! It is encouraging to see the range of both fluent and reluctant readers, who have been motivated to read the key texts and complete the complementary activities. If you are on your way to becoming a Reading Champion, please make sure you hand in your completed activities to your classteacher by Friday 29 June. There will be a very special treat for our Gold Reading Champions.


Rocking It!

It is great to see so many of our Year 2 mathematicians doing so well on Times Tables Rockstars. There is a real spirit of positive competition among the children and they are gaining a thorough understanding and instant recall of their number facts. Here’s our top ten for this week.

  1. Rehan Abbasi
  2. James Morley
  3. Elliot Dhaliwal
  4. Connie Cutler
  5. William Turner
  6. Oscar Carpenter
  7. Amelia Beard
  8. Ruby Lawrence
  9. Jude Wright
  10. Ethan James


Moving On Up

Can you believe that it’s only six weeks until the end of the Summer Term? As we look towards the end of one school year and the start of another, we are keen to ensure that the transition to new classes and teachers is achieved as smoothly and effectively as possible for all our children. This starts with the organisation of our classes for September.

For many years at Greenfield all the classes were organised exclusively according to age. However, in 2009 as part of our drive to improve the standards of learning and achievement in our school, we decided to organise the classes differently and had the funds to do so. The three key aims were to keep the classes as small as possible, to take into account each child’s individual learning needs and to recognise the importance of friendship groupings. This approach has proved to be extremely successful. It has not only enabled us to manage each child’s personal learning and development more effectively year on year, but also resulted in Greenfield children achieving significantly better levels of attainment and progress than other children nationally.

Due to the financial pressures of inadequate funding and rising costs, a number of tough decisions have had to be made at Greenfield more recently. This included the loss of a Maths teacher last year and an overall reduction in our expenditure on resources. We have worked hard to ensure that cuts have had minimal impact on learning by being creative and overcoming the challenge of doing more with less. The purchase of new computers for our Computing Suite last October was only possible due to the fundraising efforts of our Friends of Greenfield.

There will be certain unavoidable changes at Greenfield in September but we promise that we shall do whatever it takes to ensure our children continue to achieve the very best outcomes. We are keen to share our plans with you at our Transition Meetings and are confident that these changes will still enable all our Greenfield children to be happy in their friendship groups, access a broad, rich curriculum and make excellent progress by achieving high levels of attainment.

Our Transition Meetings for Parents will take place on Monday 18 June. These meetings are intended for parents of children, who are entering a new phase in our school but are open to all parents. The meetings will enable our staff to fully explain how we shall structure our classes, plan the curriculum and organise learning.

5.00pm      Reception to Key Stage 1 for Reception Parents

5.45pm     Year 2 to Key Stage 2  for Year 2 Parents

6.30pm      Moving to Upper Key Stage 2 for Year 4 & Year 5 Parents

We shall run our successful ‘Welcome to Your New Class’ meetings in September for all parents. These will enable you to meet your child’s teaching team and get important information on the learning expectations, curriculum content, educational visits and residentials, significant calendar events and top tips for how you can best support your child in their learning to help them achieve their full potential in their new year band.


Share The Learning

Our ‘Share The Learning’ assemblies bring the year’s learning journey to a conclusion for our classes and allow you to see what the children consider to be the highlights of their learning. Please do your best to join your child’s class on the following days.

Monday 9 July            Martinique at 9.15

Wednesday 11 July Mauritius at 9.15

Monday 16 July Cayman Islands at 9.15

Tuesday 17 July Madagascar at 9.15

Wednesday 18 July Australia at 9.15

Wednesday 18 July Zanzibar at 2.30

Thursday 19 July Guadeloupe at 9.15

Thursday 19 July Greenland & Iceland at 2.30

These assemblies have been very well received by our parents and families for the past six years and we do hope that as many of you as possible will be able to make it to these special celebrations of learning this year.

Additional celebrations for our intervention groups including the G-Bees, the Dirty Dozen, Mission Possible and WeDo will follow the Share the Learning assemblies.


Back to School

We wish all our families a happy, restful and peaceful half term break. We look forward to seeing all our children again at 8.45 am on Tuesday 5 June.


Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!