Back to School

 It was really encouraging to see such an excellent turnout of parents for our Writing Open Sessions in Year 1 and Year 2 this week. These sessions provide parents with the chance to see your child(ren)’s learning in action and find out how we teach your children to write. Your feedback is always very important to us and it is clear that you enjoy watching how your children learn and benefit from having first-hand experience of our approaches and methods at Greenfield. As the National Curriculum demands ever higher levels of achievement, it is essential that parents know how subjects are taught in school, so that you can really support your children at home. A bit of extra knowledge is always useful, especially when it helps to avoid disagreements over homework! Come and join us for the following Open Sessions starting at 9.10 am.

Year 3 and Year 4 Cayman Islands on Tuesday 28 November

Guadeloupe on Wednesday 29 November

Martinique on Thursday 30 November

Year 6 Bali & Borneo on Tuesday 5 December

Year 5 Iceland & Greenland on Wednesday 6 December


Model Dangers

Some parents are keen for their children to be child models. Schools have recently been reminded of the potential dangers of children taking part in still photography, modelling, advertising and entertainment in general because of the risks that may be posed in those environments. We would like to remind our parents to remain vigilant and refer any issues of concern to the Education Investigation Service on 01384 814317 or It’s all too easy for both parents and children to get caught by the money, the glamour and even the supposed fame that may be gained from taking part in such activities. We would advise parents to always establish the background of those involved and use a reputable agency.


Pedal Power

It is great to see our bike shelter so full of bikes and scooters. Don’t forget that all our children are able to cycle to school and leave their bikes and scooters in our cycle shelter. If children do ride their bike or scooter to school, please make sure it’s in a good state of repair and that they wear a bike helmet. We ask our riders to come into our grounds via our Greenfield Gardens entrance, dismount at the school gate and wheel their bikes and scooters across the playground. If your children want to ride around the playground after school, please ensure that they stay on the area marked by the white lines and do not stray over towards the play equipment, let alone the path at the very front of our building. The playground is very busy with pushchairs, prams and toddlers too. There have been several near misses and we don’t want anyone to be hurt. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


All Different, All Equal

National Anti-Bullying Week 2017

All Different, All Equal

This week has been National Anti-Bullying Week with the theme ‘All Different, All Equal’.  Throughout the week we have used assemblies and lessons to enable all our children to explore the issues around bullying and raise their awareness of the importance of their own role in combating it. As a school we have a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying and we actively encourage all our children to tell their teachers, parents and friends if they ever feel worried or threatened. Please support this by emphasising to your child(ren) that it is always good to tell.

There has been some excellent work across the year groups and phases around anti-bullying.


Our Reception children have talked about being a good friend to everybody. They have looked at the story of Goldilocks and decided that she should have been a better friend to the three bears.


The children in Year 1 and Year 2 have read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae. This is a wonderful story about looking at and appreciating difference, which supports the theme of national Anti-Bullying Week. We may not all be the same, but we are all equally good at something.

Year 3 & Year 4

The children in Year 3 and Year 4 worked on decorating their own individual jigsaw piece to show their uniqueness. The pieces were then all fitted together to show how being individual and special doesn’t stop us from being part of a team or group.

Year 5

Loudmouth Theatre Company visited Greenfield this week and gave our Year 5 children a performance of ‘Bully 4 You’ – a show aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 children, which covers issues involving bullying, resilience and online safety. The presentation style of the show was highly innovative and Year 5 enjoyed their workshop following the performance. The strap line of ‘Flag it, Block it, Zip it, Save it, Cool it’ has stuck with the children.  Freya and Scarlett in Year 5 said, “Flag it means tell someone you trust, block it means block the phone number of anyone making nasty calls, zip it means don’t tell anyone your password information, save it means take screen shots of anything bad for evidence, and cool it means stay calm and don’t retaliate”.

Year 6

Mr Dove and Mrs Remmers led cyberbullying sessions for Year 6 this week. With the sharp increase in mobile phone, email and social media usage among children and teenagers, we want our children to be as tech-savvy as possible to ensure they become neither the victim of nor perpetrator of such abuse.


All Different, All Equal

Next week is National Anti-Bullying Week with the theme ‘All Different, All Equal’. The week will start with a special whole school assembly for all our children. Throughout the week we shall use lessons and other assemblies to enable all our children to explore the issues around bullying and raise their awareness of the importance of their own role in combating it.

As a school we have a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying and we actively encourage all our children to tell their teachers, parents and friends, if they ever feel worried or threatened or if someone has hurt them. Please support this by emphasising to your child(ren), that it is always good to tell. We always take what they say seriously and act immediately to resolve any difficulty, doing our best to support each child and ensure that they feel safe and happy at school. Monday 13 November may be the start of National Anti-Bullying Week, but we must all remember that dealing with bullying does not start and stop with Anti-Bullying Week but continues all year round.

We’d also like to remind parents of our Greenfield Rules & Rights Charter. We believe that everyone has rights and to ensure that all children have these rights, we have clear, child-friendly rules. By following these rules, our school will be a happy and safe place. Please find time to go through these with your child. They will be familiar with them and should be able to explain them to you.

Rules Rights
The Golden Rule

Be kind and respectful to everyone and treat other people the way I like to be treated. 

To be safe, cared for and happy.
Use kind hands and feet and not bully, fight, hurt or frighten other people. To be safe and not be bullied or frightened.
Speak politely to all children and adults, always using good manners and saying please and thank you. To be spoken to politely and kindly by other children and adults.
Use kind words and not use bad or hurtful language or swear. To be spoken to with respect and feel safe.
Listen carefully to children and adults, who work with me in school, and do what I am asked. To have good lessons and safe, enjoyable playtimes.
Try my best, work hard and be organised and ready to learn at the start of every lesson. To have lessons that are well prepared with the teacher ready to help me learn.
Complete my homework and ask for help when I need support with it. To have homework that is right for me, at the right level and the right amount.
Listen to other people’s points of view and try to understand how they might be feeling. To be listened to and understand how others are feeling.
Look after myself, other people, everyone’s belongings and everything in our school. To be looked after by other people and for my belongings to be safe.
Wear my uniform smartly. To have a smart, clean, comfy uniform.
Choose healthy food, drinks and activities. To eat healthy foods, have fresh water and do healthy activities.

We had originally planned a Science Week for next week, but this has been moved to the Spring Term, so we can fully give the important theme of anti-bullying the time and attention it fully deserves.


Too Close For Comfort

We almost had a very serious accident this morning on Hill Street, when the wings of a child’s Spooky Day costume were actually clipped by a passing car. Hill Street is a constricted and potentially dangerous street with very narrow pavements. If you do attempt to come down the Hill Street entrance, please have the common sense to drive slowly and keep your eyes out for child and adult pedestrians, scooter riders and cyclists. Parents with prams and pushchairs can take up the narrow pavement, so give them enough room to make their way to school safely. We are happy for parents of children attending our Good Morning and Good Afternoon Clubs to use the car park either before 8.30 am or after 5.00 pm. At other times the car park is strictly for our staff, so please do not use it even if you are running late.


Stay Safe with our School Council

The number of road-related deaths among children aged 5–7 is small. However, a significant number are seriously injured and this is the perfect age to establish good road safety habits, which will stand children in good stead as they grow up because fatalities and injuries rise in the 12–17 age group. Road Safety is the key theme for our School Council this term and they shall be doing their best to raise everyone’s awareness as we approach National Road Safety Week running from Monday 20 November. A School Council Road Safety Poster competition will be launched next week and they are hoping to receive lots of entries. Winning designs will be reproduced and displayed on Hill Street. We are sure you will agree that there is a need for all those involved with children to teach clear road safety messages effectively and consistently, working together to help children understand and manage risk.


Meet the Teachers

If your child has an Individual Learning Plan, keep an eye out for your appointment letter, which will be coming home with your child today. We shall be releasing our classteachers for these important conversations, which enable you to discuss your child’s progress and plan effectively together to help them to achieve the next steps in their learning. In order to accommodate all our parents, we need to operate a tight time schedule. Please do your best to attend your appointment or let us know in good time, if you require another time slot.


Paddle Power

Our Year 3 and Year 4 children will be taking part in an exciting Bell Boating Experience next week. Designed by Olympic canoe coach, David Train, the bell boat is a totally unique design in watercraft. It looks a little like a canoe catamaran, two open canoes joined together by a rigid, flat platform. Its original purpose was to remove the fear of taking part in water activities and to help with team work and co-operation. This will be the fifth time that our Greenfield children will have had the chance to paddle with Andy Train, a 5 time Olympian and 3 time world champion marathon canoe racer. Andy is an excellent coach and he always ensures that the children get the most from the session. The children will also be accompanied by specially trained bell boat helms, who hold full British Canoe Union qualifications. The sessions will take place on the Stourbridge Canal, starting and finishing at the Bonded Warehouse. If you would like more information on bell boats please visit or if you would like to have a go, please see Mr Bravo.


Back to School

Our staff team will be returning to school on Monday 30 October for a training day and we look forward to seeing the children at 8.45 am on Tuesday 31 October for the start of the second half term.

Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!