Our School Council

Each class at Greenfield elects two School Councillors, a boy and a girl.  The School Council meets to share ideas on how to improve our school, discuss any concerns and represent the opinions and suggestions of all the children in each class.

In the Summer Term 2014 the School Council decided that new play equipment was needed.  The School Council reps chose a new play boat and wigwams.  These were installed in June and have proved to be very popular with all our children.

During 2015 our School Council reps have worked hard together to decide on the best type of play equipment to replace our old climbing frame.  After looking at designs, discussing ideas and comparing quotes, the School Council chose a superb piece of play of play apparatus called the ‘Boogie Woogie Plus’  combining two towers, a slide, a climbing wall, a rope ramp, a rope climb, a twisted scramble net, a net pit, a spider’s web, a lookout tower and play panels!  With the generous support of our brilliant Home School Association, the new equipment was bought and installed during June and July 2015.  It has been exciting to have the brilliant new equipment ready for the children at the start of the new school year.

This year we shall be looking at ways of improving an area known by all the children as ‘The Fairy Garden’.  Our Greenfield Eco Team, who have recently been chosen by their classmates to develop the eco aspect of our school, worked with one of our Mums and her work volunteers from her company Carillion to get this development underway on Friday 25 September.   Some very valuable work was carried out, including clearing the paths, cutting back the shrubs, shredding the smaller branches and spreading out the resulting mulch. A log pile was also built with the larger branches, which were removed during the installation of our new play equipment.

Everyone can grow in a Greenfield!