What an eggs-perience!

Every year our wonderful Friends of Greenfield kindly fund the Living Eggs experience for our Reception children. Living Eggs Ready Hatch is a two week comprehensive programme providing us with all we need for hatching chicks in school. The 10 embryo eggs arrived in school on Monday morning and throughout this week the boys and girls have thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of seeing the eggs hatch. The eggs have been in an incubator, which is specially designed for classroom hatching with an electronic thermostat to ensure accurate temperature control. Each of the 10 eggs has produced a chick and the chicks, 5 male and 5 female, are now in their own brooder box, complete with heat light, bedding, feed and water.

We are looking for families, who would like to adopt one of our Greenfield chicks by the end of next week. You may already be an old hand on the hen front or just keen to start enjoying the delights of keeping your own poultry. Parents are welcome to pop into Reception to see the chicks but please come and see me, if you are interested in adoption.