Welcome Back

It has been great to see all our children and families again after the Easter holiday. The children look rested and have clearly benefited from the break. They have quickly got into school mode and made an excellent start to the new term. As usual, we would like to emphasise the importance of full and punctual attendance for all our children. Last term’s series of viruses, flu and scarlet fever across the whole school resulted in poor attendance figures for some children, so we are definitely keeping our fingers crossed for a much healthier term and improved attendance.

Reducing lateness, absence and persistent absence is a vital and integral part of our work to both promote children’s welfare and safeguarding as well as to ensure every pupil has access to the full-time education, to which they are entitled. We know that the vast majority of our parents work very closely with us to ensure your children succeed at school, so that they will have access to the widest possible range of opportunities as they grow up. If you are one of the few, who finds it difficult to get your child(ren) to school on time every day, please make an extra effort this term for your child’s sake. Late arrivals and persistent absentees miss out on so much and get left behind in their learning. Children who come to school every day get the chance to learn more, build better friendships and make much better progress than those whose attendance is poor. Please aim for 100% attendance for your

child(ren) this term.