Top of the Class

We were pleased to enter our Year 6 Maths Team of Olivia Fazey, Tyler Harris, Wania Zubair, and Will Holloway in the National Young Mathematicians’ Award 2016 at Explore Learning this week. The feedback from the competition organisers was very complimentary: “We were so impressed with the teamwork skills that were shown by Greenfield Primary. It was clear to see that all of the children were thoroughly involved and were discussing their ideas with the group. Each team member played a vital role which meant their approach was smooth and organised. It was also wonderful to see the children agree on a recording strategy which was clear and concise – the use of highlighters made it easy for the judges to understand.” Not only did the children represent our school admirably but we are delighted to inform you that they have progressed to the next stage of the competition on Wednesday 23rd November, the regional finals! Many thanks to Mrs Remmers and Mrs Westley-Smith for taking the children to the event.