Together For a Better Internet

Safer Internet Day 2019 takes place on Tuesday 5 February. It will be celebrated globally with the theme ‘Together for a Better Internet’. This theme covers the responsibility that all users have in making the internet a safer place. Whether children, young people, adults, parents or grandparents, everyone has a role to play. Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people.

We are looking forward to welcoming the team of Digital Ambassadors from Turves Green Boys’ School back to Greenfield. They led some excellent and informative work with our pupils last year and Safer Internet Day provides a timely opportunity to work with them again. The day will start with a whole school assembly called ‘Our internet, our choice – understanding consent in a digital world’.

Our Key Stage 2 children will participate in a series of morning workshops to encourage the children to take responsibility for their own online behaviour:

  • Online Choices Compass – What Would You Do?
  • Who owns the internet?
  • Drawing the Internet – Data Jargon Buster
  • What is Permission?

In the afternoon our Reception and Key Stage 1 children will participate in sessions aimed at encouraging them to make sensible choices when using the internet.