Time to Play

Since September our School Council representatives have been working hard together to decide on the best type of play equipment to replace our old climbing frame. After looking at designs, discussing ideas and comparing 5 quotes, the School Council has chosen a superb piece of play of play apparatus. It’s called the ‘Boogie Woogie Plus’ and it combines two towers, a slide, a climbing wall, a rope ramp, a rope climb, a twisted scramble net, a net pit, a spider’s web, a lookout tower and play panels! It will be installed on an all-weather, rubber, safety surface in the area between our play boat and the tepees during June. The purchase of this equipment is only possible with the generous support of our brilliant HSA, who have pledged £10,000 towards the costs. Please do your best to support all our HSA events so we can raise as much as possible for our children.

It really is a pleasure to see so many of our Mums and Dads having a chance to chat at the end of the school day as your children play on our newly marked pitch and the fitness trail, but there will be even more of you here when you see our new apparatus. We would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of parents and carers to supervise your own children before and after school, if you allow them to stay and play. We haven’t had any broken arms recently, but please keep your eyes on your children. For the security and safety of the children attending our Good Afternoon Club, we lock the gate onto Greenfield Gardens at 4.00 pm.