Time to Play and Time to Watch

It really is a pleasure to see so many of our Mums and Dads having a chance to chat at the end of the school day as your children play on our fantastic play equipment. We would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of parents and carers to supervise your own children after school if you allow them to stay and play. We haven’t had any broken bones recently but there could have been a nasty accident yesterday. One of our Year 4 boys had climbed up onto the higher level and then jumped off. Unfortunately he had his school bag on his back and it became entangled in the ropes as he jumped. We are relieved that his mother was close to hand and was able to prevent the incident becoming more serious. Please, please keep your eyes on your children, if you allow them to play on the equipment after school.

For the security and safety of the children attending our Good Afternoon Club, we lock the gate onto Greenfield Gardens at 4.00 pm. Please ensure that when you do leave our school site that you take your children with you and check that they don’t creep back into school and onto the apparatus when you’re not looking!