Time for Transition

As we look toward the end of one school year and the start of another, we are working hard to ensure that the transition to new classes and teachers will be achieved as smoothly and effectively as possible for all our children.   We are consulting with the children to ensure that our September classes are based on cohesive, positive friendship groupings.  All the children have completed their list of Learning Friends and these are used as the basis for compiling the new classes.  We would also like to remind you about our Transition Meetings onMonday 7 July.  The meetings will enable our staff to explain fully to parents the learning expectations for the new phase that your child will be entering in September.  We shall also explain how we structure our weekly timetable, organise homework and how you can best support your child in their learning to help them achieve their full potential in their new year group.  The meetings will take place at the following times:
 Parents of Reception children moving to Key Stage 1
 Parents of Year 2 children moving to lower Key Stage 2
7.30pm Parents of Year 4 children moving to upper Key Stage 2