Theatre in Education

It was a pleasure to be able to welcome Saltmine Theatre Company to Greenfield again on Wednesday this week. Every year Saltmine Theatre Company work with 21 Local Education Authorities, performing in more than 270 schools to over 54,000 students across The British Isles. They use inventive story-telling theatre and interactive workshops to help children learn about important issues and in turn help them to make wise choices that will impact the rest of their lives.

Saltmine have tackled the themes of internet safety and bullying on previous visits to Greenfield but this year the topic was celebrating and promoting unity in diversity. They performed a play entitled ‘In their Shoes’ for our children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The play was about The Spots and The Stripes, who have always hated one another for no real reason other than that they are different. The performance was followed by practical workshops, looking at what can be achieved when different people come together and use their abilities for the same goal.