The Votes Have Been Counted

There has been a real buzz of excitement in the air throughout our Greenfield Election Week, when children in Year 5 have stood for election for the positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. It all started with our candidates’ speeches declaring their manifestoes in a special whole school assembly on Monday morning. At Wednesday’s Hustings, children from all year groups came up with a range of interesting and challenging questions for the candidates to answer, including ‘What has inspired you to be Head Boy or Head Girl?’ and ‘What do you do to help out at home?’

The candidates themselves and their campaign teams have all worked together and supported each other well, sticking to the task and even surprising parents and staff with their maturity and clear thinking.

Voting took place yesterday and today. I have been pleased and impressed with the way in which all our children have taken the process so seriously and clearly given their choices so much thought. All votes have been counted and double checked this afternoon and we are delighted to announce the results:

Head Boy                      Jude Berry                      

Deputy Head Boys       Todd Stevens & Remy Wear      

Head Girl      Mary Cutler

Deputy Head Girl        Evie-Mae Wells


Alfie Wilde   Grace Burford-Sargent   Tilly Willetts-Court

Niamh Bird   William Smith   Hannah Cole

Joss Wells   Maurice Meneer   Lottie Webster

Jamiee Lawrence

Many thanks and congratulations to each and every one of you. Your attitude, cooperation and conduct have been superb. We all agree that each one of you is a credit to our school and we are looking forward to seeing you in action in the next school year.