Thank you for the Thank you

It has been a busy week of Parents’ Evenings across our school and we have enjoyed being able to talk with you about your children’s learning and behaviour. I was moved to receive a touching email from one of our Reception parents and would like to share it with you:

Dear Mr Bravo

I just want to say how deeply impressed I am with Greenfield Primary School in the short time my son has been with you. It’s amazing. The attitude of the children is testament to the staff’s care and commitment. The children I have encountered in the school, the playground and on Greenfield Gardens have been polite, friendly, kind and helpful. There are several examples. Two older boys asked all the children on the witch’s hat in the park to stop the spinning so they could help me encourage my son to get off it, which they successfully did. A boy in the playground in his football lesson told parents he hoped we would enjoy the Harvest Festival because, “It’s really good”. A Year 1 boy called William calmly and politely showed us the way to the medical room when my son was hurt in the playground.

The effort your staff put in to provide a rich and stimulating learning and caring environment is obvious and the effort to involve parents is clear and welcome, though (I admit) a little daunting. I didn’t really know what to expect when my child started at Greenfield. I thought I went to a good school when I was in primary 40 years ago. Greenfield knocks the socks off it. To provide such a positive, nurturing place and successfully navigate central government’s educational policies must take almost superhuman effort. I am extremely grateful to all your staff and to you for running such a great school.

We really do appreciate receiving your feedback. While we always work to address any concerns, we are also keen to hear your views when you feel that things are going well and when we are getting it right for your children, so please let us know.