Tell us what you think

We carry out our annual survey of parents and carers in the Spring Term. This gives you an opportunity to let us know how you rate aspects of life and learning at Greenfield.   We are always keen to hear your feedback on what you think we do well and welcome new ideas, which will help us to improve the outcomes for all our children. The survey will be handed out at our Parents’ Evenings on Monday 9 February from 4.00-6.00 pm and Tuesday 10 February from 6.00-8.00 pm.   If you do have any questions about how we work or simply feel unsure about something, don’t wait for the survey, just come in and see your child’s class teacher or me, so we can explain everything to you in person. The door is always open. We include a breakdown of last year’s survey for your information.  We are pleased with the very high percentages indicating an overwhelming level of support but emphasise that we are working hard to make it even better and we have some exciting plans for further improvements.


Parent Survey 2014 Analysis Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
1 My child enjoys school 57% 43% 0 0
2 My child is making good progress in his/her learning 69% 31% 0 0
3 The teaching is of a high standard 73% 27% 0 0
4 The curriculum at Greenfield helps my child to become an independent learner 53% 43% 3% 0
5 My child enjoys and benefits from learning opportunities outside the classroom (eg educational visits, themed days and weeks, visitors, clubs, CIL, residentials) 77% 23% 0 0
6 My child is learning about healthy lifestyles (eg healthy eating and exercise) 66% 34% 0 0
7 The school helps me to support my child at home (eg through Open Sessions for Parents, Parents’ Evenings, discussions with teachers) 53% 46% 1% 0
8 The school is well led and managed 71% 29% 0 0
9 My child has made good friendships at school 64% 33% 3% 0
10 My child feels happy and safe at playtime and knows where to go if they have no one to play with (eg MiniMentors, Play Leaders) 64% 36% 0 0
11 I feel that my child is in a safe and nurturing environment at school 67% 32% 1% 0
12 The school takes account of children’s views (eg School Council, Eco Warriors) 50% 47% 1% 0
13 The school seeks the views of parents and carers and takes account of their suggestions and concerns 50% 47% 3% 0
14 I am aware that my child behaves well in school and am informed if he/she does not 64% 36% 0 0
15 I feel I can approach the school if I have a concern or worry 76% 24% 0 0

The children will be completing our Greenfield pupil questionnaire next week. This focuses on what it is like to be a child in our school and covers behaviour, learning and safety.