Talk, Talk

Big Writing takes place in our school every Friday morning. It provides an excellent opportunity for all our children to develop their writing skills by generating ideas and getting them down on paper independently. Even as adults it can be difficult, if not impossible, to express oneself clearly in the written word unless we can articulate our thoughts and opinions in our speech. In order to help our pupils to develop their thinking, speaking and listening skills, we use Talk Topics. Our teachers share class Talk Topics with our children to help them to generate ideas and opinions in advance, so that they do not come to their writing cold. It would be very helpful if you as parents and carers could help to stimulate your child(ren)’s thinking and speaking skills at home by joining in with the class Talk Topics for next week:

Reception: How do the Police help us?

Year 1: Talk about the characters in ‘The Sword in the Stone’ – can you describe them?

Year 2: Talk about the differences between Beauty and the Beast – think about their looks and their feelings.

Year 3 and Year 4: Can you explain how plants grow? What do they need? Do all plants grow from seeds?

Year 5: Should we send humans to Mars? 

We usually have whole school Talk Topics as part of our Monday morning whole school assemblies. During the assembly the children have three minutes to talk together on a topic relating to our Greenfield Values. As you can imagine, this can be quite a lively event when all our 283 children share their ideas at the same time! Please tell us how you get on with the class Talk Topics and if you have good ideas for more themes pass your suggestions to your child’s classteacher.