Stay Safe

The number of road-related deaths among children aged 5–7 is small. However, a significant number are seriously injured and this is the perfect age to establish good road safety habits, which will stand children in good stead as they grow up because fatalities and injuries rise in the 12–17 age group. Road Safety is the key theme for our assemblies in the coming half term and we shall do our best to raise everyone’s awareness as we approach National Road Safety Week running from Monday 19 November. This year the focus is on the safety of those on two wheels. Traffic and parking are two serious issues for our Greenfield children both in the morning and at the end of the school day. The main problems are cars parking as close to school as possible with no apparent concern for the safety of our children as they arrive at and leave school. If you do travel to school by car, please park safely and make sure you pay even more attention to pedestrians and cyclists as the nights draw in.