Showtime at Greenfield

This week it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to enjoy our springtime show ‘Hansel and Gretel – The Musical’. The children in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 really have surpassed themselves with two superb performances. So many of our parents, grandparents and families have told us how much they have enjoyed being entertained by the children on stage. This year’s show was a fine piece of musical theatre. The actors enthralled the audience in the story and the quality of the singing was exceptional. A show such as this once again proves just how talented our Greenfield children are, whether they perform individually or with their peers, and demonstrates how much our children can achieve through working with our dedicated staff, who have such high expectations. We extend our thanks to our team for all the work they have put into preparing the children for the shows. We are grateful to our teachers Mr Holder, Mr Dove, Miss Davies, Miss Midgley and Miss Archer for enabling the children to achieve such a high level of performance and to our Teaching Assistants Mrs Scruton, Mrs Westley-Smith, Mrs Green and Mrs Parker for their support. Special thanks go to Miss Hill for the outstanding quality of singing in the concert and her excellent accompaniment on the piano.