Screen Stars

The children in our Good Morning and Good Afternoon Club are really lucky to have had the privilege of working for a week with an amazing team of creative artists from CITV. Led by director Lee Mann, the idea was for all the children to invent a robot with a specific function. The children worked with Lee and graphic artists Carl Hadley and Jardine Sage to develop their designs and build the robots. The robots will be brought to life in an animation in post-production and the children will see photographs of themselves introducing their robots. The children also wrote short scripts and recorded voice overs. The final mini films will be screened on CITV in September. We shall let you know when they will be on but we have also been promised a show reel, which will be posted on our website. Many thanks to Lee, Carl, Jardine, their technical team and our brilliant Greenfield out of school hours staff for giving the children such an unforgettable experience.