Safer Together

We were pleased to welcome Ashley Bertie, the Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands, to Greenfield this week. Ashley is supporting the roll out of knife crime workshops across the Dudley Borough. The ‘Tackling Knife Crime Together’ campaign aims to combat the growing issue of knife crime, by using sports as a positive diversionary and is run by Opening Boundaries, a non-profit sporting organisation, in which one of our parents, Farah Ahmed (mother of Ammal and Aadam) is involved.

Our children in Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed a workshop called ‘Safer Together’, which aimed to reinforce the importance of life skills such as teamwork, respect and discipline. This session included a presentation by Andy Peters, Young Persons and Early Help Officer at Brierley Hill Police Station, on staying safe. He engaged the children with his knowledge and humour, leading them in a discussion about how they can help themselves and each other safe both in and out of school. To finish things off the boys and girls enjoyed a practical sports session with Ollie Taylor from Evolve Coaching and his colleagues Adam and Clive.

At Greenfield, we do our best to prepare all our children to become responsible, proactive citizens, who know the difference between right and wrong and are able to keep themselves safe. It’s important that our broader school community unites together to say ‘no’ to any form of violence, alerting our pupils to the possibility of risk without scaring them unnecessarily.