Safe Inside and Out

It is essential that all schools have established and proven procedures to guarantee the safety of all children. We carry out fire drills once a term to ensure in the event of an actual fire, our children would be able to act in a calm and orderly manner. Our staff have designated responsibilities to ensure the safety of all children and adults. We use escape routes according to a predetermined, practised plan and the evacuation of our buildings is achieved in a speedy and orderly manner.

It is also advisable for all schools to have effective lockdown procedures that are regularly practised and reviewed. Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to a number of situations, but some of the more typical ones might include an intruder on the school site; a warning of local air pollution from a poisonous gas cloud; a major fire in the vicinity of the school or the presence of a dangerous dog on site.

Our children are aware of the two different sounds for the fire and the lockdown alarms. They know that the fire alarm is the signal for us to get outside to stay safe and that the lockdown alarm is the signal to stay inside to stay safe. Our most recent fire drill was effected in a time of 3 minutes and 6 seconds. We plan to practise our lockdown procedure in the coming weeks and are confident that the children will respond with their usual sensible and positive attitude. All our pupils will be aware of the procedure and regular practice will increase their familiarity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.