Ready to Report

This year we are simplifying our format for your child’s end of year report. We shall report to you in depth on your child’s achievements in the English, Mathematics and Science, while also providing a concise summary for all other subjects. The main innovation is the inclusion of a data section. We wrote to you before the half term to inform you that we are running a series of meetings to explain the new arrangements. Many thanks to the parents, who came to yesterday’s meeting for Year 1 and Year 2. We would like to remind you of the remaining meetings. Please do your best to come along.

Þ Year 1 Tuesday 14 June at 9.05 am

Þ Year 2 Thursday 16 June at 9.05 am

Þ Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 Tuesday 21 June at 5.00 pm or Monday 4 July at 9.05 am

Þ Year 6 Monday 13 June at 5.00 pm or Friday 17 June at 9.05 am