Prize Giving Vote of Thanks

From Toby Gorner and Jessica Noble, our Head Boy and  Head Girl

Thank you for coming to our Year 6 Prize Giving.  We hope you have enjoyed it.  On behalf of all our friends and classmates, we’d like to thank all of the members of staff for making our time at Greenfield so amazing and so enjoyable.

First of all we’d like to thank our teachers, who have taught us all the way from Reception to Year 6.   They have made our lessons interesting, helped us to develop as learners and grow as responsible people.  We would also like to thank our teaching assistants for supporting our learning and especially for being so patient and understanding with us as we started to learn to read.

We are grateful to all the non-teaching staff, who help to make our school such a happy place and enable it to run so smoothly.  Thank you to Mrs Solly, Mrs Smith and Mrs Kelly in our office, who always greet us with a smile and make us feel very welcome every single day. Thank you to Mr Butler for taking care of Greenfield, keeping everything in working order and making sure our cleaners keep our school clean and fresh.  Thanks to all our lunchtime staff for making sure that lunchtime is safe and checking that we all eat our lunches – even in Year 6!

Thanks to the HSA for raising money for our school by running great events like our Summer Fair.

We would like to thank Mr Bravo, Mrs Remmers and our Governors for leading and managing our school.  They make Greenfield the perfect place to live and learn.

Finally we would like to say a great big thank you to all of our friends, who have been with us every step of the way.   We both say farewell to all of our peers and classmates and wish you all a happy, healthy and successful future.