Positions of Responsibility

We are very proud of the valuable contributions, which our Year 6 children make to life and learning at Greenfield. We have high expectations for the children at the top of our school and trust them with responsibilities. Greenfield has a long history of Head and Deputy Boys and Girls and this year these positions are held by Toby Gorner, Jessica Noble, Ben Harper and Bethan Rees. We trust our Year 6 pupils to help our school to run as smoothly as possible. A team of Year 6 Playleaders go into lunch early and then spend the lunch hour helping, playing with and taking care of our Reception and Year 1 children. We all realise that lunchtimes at Greenfield at would not be so successful without our Playleaders. If you ever have to ring up our school at lunchtime, your call will be answered by one of our Year 6 Secretaries. You may not realise that they are children because they do such a professional job and handle all calls politely and efficiently. When callers are put through to me, they are always compliment our Secretaries. Year 6 pupils also work as ICT Monitors, who check that PC’s and printers are working. I would especially like to thank Ned Saunders, Lauren Stewart and Grace Sisley-Smith for their reliability in organising and distributing the registers every day.

Each child at Greenfield is in a House and these are led by Year 6 House Captains (a boy and a girl) and Vice Captains (a boy and a girl). Year 6 pupils can stand for election by all the children in their house at the start of the school year. They have to give a speech and say what they will do if they are elected. Captains and Vice Captains monitor housepoints across the school, hold termly House meetings and organise teams for our regular Maths and Spelling assemblies. We shall be showcasing our four Houses (Foley, Lyttleton, Stevens and Webb) in forthcoming newsletters, so please check who is leading your own child(ren)’s House.