Pedal Power

It is great to see our bike shelter so full of bikes and scooters. Don’t forget that all our children are able to cycle to school and leave their bikes and scooters in our cycle shelter. If children do ride their bike or scooter to school, please make sure it’s in a good state of repair and that they wear a bike helmet. We ask our riders to come into our grounds via our Greenfield Gardens entrance, dismount at the school gate and wheel their bikes and scooters across the playground. If your children want to ride around the playground after school, please ensure that they stay on the area marked by the white lines and do not stray over towards the play equipment, let alone the path at the very front of our building. The playground is very busy with pushchairs, prams and toddlers too. There have been several near misses and we don’t want anyone to be hurt. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.