Paddle Your Own Canoe

Our bellboating for all our Key Stage 2 children this week has been a huge success. After such wonderful weather last week, it was a shame that the forecast had to change on Monday and Tuesday, but nevertheless our children took the showers in their stride.  I was fortunate enough to join the children on Thursday when the weather was glorious.  It was excellent to see our Greenfield pupils proving themselves to be such willing and enthusiastic paddlers as they set off from the Bonded Warehouse on their journey down the Stourbridge Canal. The highlight was the experience of going through a lock and the children were impressed with how the boats rose up as the lock filled with water. It is one thing to find out how a lock works by studying a diagram but nothing can beat the first-hand experience of learning by actually sitting in a boat in a real lock. It was great for the children to meet and paddle with Andy Train, 4 times Olympian and 3 times world champion marathon canoe racer. Thanks and congratulations to the parents, who took the opportunity to get involved, pick up a paddle and see what bellboating is all about. If you missed out this time but are interested in trying out bellboating for yourself, there may be a chance for another taster session later this year.