Open Learning

We have been pleased to see so many parents joining us for our Maths Open Sessions in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 over the past two weeks. Your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Open Sessions are an important part of learning at Greenfield as they enable you to have an invaluable insight into how our teachers work with our pupils in a large variety of ways, in order to achieve excellent outcomes for each child. You will have seen that we use a combination of one to one support, small ability groups, differentiated table groups, mixed ability groups, guided groups and whole class sessions. Lots of our children have one to one support or may even work independently at a table by themselves at times throughout the course of the week. These ways of working are tailored to a child’s learning style, enabling them to focus, think clearly and do their best. One of the prerequisites of independent learning is the ability to work on your own, with minimal direction and with confidence. It doesn’t mean a child is isolated or different.


The main drive behind the Open Sessions is to increase your involvement in and understanding of your own child’s education at Greenfield. By being in the classroom, you have the privilege of seeing your child’s learning behaviour, response to the teacher and interaction with other children. While you may be drawn to compare your own child with other children, please resist this temptation and concentrate on observing and working with your own child. While being in one lesson gives you a snapshot of the children at work in one area of the curriculum, it doesn’t provide an overall picture of any individual child’s ability in all subjects. It’s not surprising that our teachers find the behaviour of some children can be different from usual with parents in the room, but the boys and girls soon settle down to work after the initial excitement. Of course, if you have any questions specifically about your child’s learning or generally about how we work, structure the learning and group the children, please ask your child’s classteacher or find me. We are keen to share as much as we can with you and also welcome your suggestions.


We genuinely believe that the more that you as parents, carers and grandparents can support and engage in your own child’s learning and development, the more successful your child will be. We have a great team of teachers at Greenfield but don’t forget that you are your child’s greatest teachers and most influential role models!