MP in the House

We have had a truly action-packed morning at Greenfield today. We are pleased to have welcomed our local MP Margot James into our school to gain some insight into life and learning at Greenfield. On arrival Margot was surprised to be greeted in our foyer by a cohort of Roman soldiers! Our Year 5 pupils have excelled themselves in the design and construction of ancient artefacts as part of their ‘Invaders and Settlers’ learning topic and they were proud to share their swords, shields and helmets. Margot was really impressed: ‘The quality of the children’s work is amazing and their historical knowledge is excellent too.’

Margot was treated to a brief tour of our school and had the chance to meet our children in our Reception class, where Jennifer Smith had made a card especially for her. Margot also had the privilege of working with a group of more able writers in Key Stage 2. This group of children work on a regular basis with our Deputy Mrs Sarah Remmers and Mrs Knapman and are currently honing their higher level questioning skills. Margot fielded a range of questions on childhood obesity, immigration and the role of the MP. Listening to our children discuss these themes with Margot, I had a feeling there might even be a future politician or political commentator amongst them.

The morning concluded with our Year 3 and Year 4 children enjoying an entertaining ‘Question Time’ with Margot. The learning topic in Year 3 and Year 4 is ‘UK OK’ and the children have already been studying parliament and democracy; they have even held their own ‘House of Commons’ debate with Joshua Davies in the role of the Speaker! The children quizzed Margot with some challenging questions, including one from Harley Millington asking if she had ever thought of switching parties. Robert Feane, Molly Carroll-Grigg and Sophie Noble all read out letters of complaint, which they had written to our MP on the issues of graffiti, speeding and play equipment in Mary Stevens Park.

Margot was hugely impressed with our school’s purposeful atmosphere, the children’s academic achievements and their positive behaviour. She was excited to see so much excellent work going on in our school, which is clearly targeted at engaging children and raising standards of learning.