Moving On Up

Can you believe that it’s only six weeks until the end of the Summer Term? As we look towards the end of one school year and the start of another, we are keen to ensure that the transition to new classes and teachers is achieved as smoothly and effectively as possible for all our children. This starts with the organisation of our classes for September.

For many years at Greenfield all the classes were organised exclusively according to age. However, in 2009 as part of our drive to improve the standards of learning and achievement in our school, we decided to organise the classes differently and had the funds to do so. The three key aims were to keep the classes as small as possible, to take into account each child’s individual learning needs and to recognise the importance of friendship groupings. This approach has proved to be extremely successful. It has not only enabled us to manage each child’s personal learning and development more effectively year on year, but also resulted in Greenfield children achieving significantly better levels of attainment and progress than other children nationally.

Due to the financial pressures of inadequate funding and rising costs, a number of tough decisions have had to be made at Greenfield more recently. This included the loss of a Maths teacher last year and an overall reduction in our expenditure on resources. We have worked hard to ensure that cuts have had minimal impact on learning by being creative and overcoming the challenge of doing more with less. The purchase of new computers for our Computing Suite last October was only possible due to the fundraising efforts of our Friends of Greenfield.

There will be certain unavoidable changes at Greenfield in September but we promise that we shall do whatever it takes to ensure our children continue to achieve the very best outcomes. We are keen to share our plans with you at our Transition Meetings and are confident that these changes will still enable all our Greenfield children to be happy in their friendship groups, access a broad, rich curriculum and make excellent progress by achieving high levels of attainment.

Our Transition Meetings for Parents will take place on Monday 18 June. These meetings are intended for parents of children, who are entering a new phase in our school but are open to all parents. The meetings will enable our staff to fully explain how we shall structure our classes, plan the curriculum and organise learning.

5.00pm      Reception to Key Stage 1 for Reception Parents

5.45pm     Year 2 to Key Stage 2  for Year 2 Parents

6.30pm      Moving to Upper Key Stage 2 for Year 4 & Year 5 Parents

We shall run our successful ‘Welcome to Your New Class’ meetings in September for all parents. These will enable you to meet your child’s teaching team and get important information on the learning expectations, curriculum content, educational visits and residentials, significant calendar events and top tips for how you can best support your child in their learning to help them achieve their full potential in their new year band.