Let’s be Friends

It was superb to see so many new faces and meet so many keen parents at this week’s first meeting of the Friends of Greenfield, formerly known as the HSA. It’s a pleasure to welcome our new committee members. We shall soon be sharing the exciting calendar of events planned for the school year.

I would like to pass on our thanks to all FroG members and parents for your support and involvement in life at our school. We are always pleased to see such a good blend of social and fundraising events, which always keep a strong focus on the children. All profits go straight back into enhancing the educational opportunities for the children of our school. The Friends of Greenfield (FRoG) is a charity and as a parent at Greenfield, you are automatically a member. We would love to see you at any future meetings but if you can’t get along to them, we would value any involvement or contribution you might be able to make at any stage of the year. Please extend this welcome to family members and any former pupils and families you know.