Keeping Up with Your Children

We are aware that many Year 6 children have daily access to social media and apps that allow communication online (Tik Tok, Instagram, Fortnite and specifically WhatsApp). We appreciate that each family has their own set of boundaries and opinions about what is appropriate for their children. However, we do want to make you aware of the problems the children are facing as a result of social media; these include inappropriate language and behaviour, which have resulted in friendship issues in school.

We are currently living in a time of rapid technological change and recent studies have shown correlations between the use of social media and mental health problems in both adults and children. We appreciate the pressure on young people to have access to online gaming and social media platforms, however, as parents we have a responsibility to safeguard our children against potential harm or exposure to inappropriate content. Perhaps the most important thing is to be aware that these popular platforms provide an opportunity for your children to connect with strangers – people who may not be as they present themselves online to your child. These sites are a perfect platform for predators and as such should be treated with caution. Are you aware of the types of games and social media apps your child is using? Please make sure you talk with your child about their games and social media and monitor them closely.

Over the next few weeks, we will be dedicating the back page of our school newsletter to raising awareness of these apps and games to enable you to make informed decisions about the platforms you wish your children to have access to.