Individual Risk Assessments

To ensure that we are fully compliant with health and safety and safeguarding requirements, we have reviewed our system for individual risk assessments. An individual risk assessment is completed for any child with a physical, visual or hearing impairment or for any child with an Education Health Care Plan. They are done to ensure that any potential risks to a child have been identified before going on an off-site visit or before taking part in certain activities at school.

These risk assessments often have to be submitted to external agencies for approval, and therefore can take some time to complete. The final document requires both a headteacher and parental signature, and, without both of these, the risk assessment is classed as incomplete and therefore the child would be unable to participate in the visit or activity. On occasions, a risk assessment may have exactly the same information as a previous one, but each new risk assessment produced still requires both signatures. Verbal consent is not acceptable.

Our aim is to have individual risk assessments ready by five days prior to the visit or activity taking place. Parent(s) will receive a ParentMail text asking them to come to the school office to sign the risk assessment at their earliest convenience, but obviously prior to the visit or activity.

We thank you for your understanding and assistance with this matter. Please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Remmers if you have any questions.