In a Different Class

Thank you for turning out in such numbers and giving us your positive support at our Transition Meetings last Monday. We explained how the financial pressures of inadequate funding and rising costs are forcing us to restructure classes at the upper end of our school and move to having three mixed Year 5 & Year 6 classes, just as we have in Year 1 & Year 2 and Year 3 & Year 4.

We are pleased that we have been able to put arrangements into place, which will enable both Year 5 and Year 6 to continue to be taught in pure year band groups for English and Maths every morning. This means that we shall still pursue our proven approaches, which have enabled our children to achieve such successful outcomes for the last 8 years. Maths will be taught in ability groups, while English will be taught in mixed ability groups. Mrs Remmers and Miss Midgley will teach Year 5, while Miss Cook and Miss Tang will teach Year 6. Science and Computing will also be taught in pure year band groupings for two afternoons per week.

Make sure you attend our ‘Welcome to Your New Class’ meetings in September. You will meet your child’s teaching team and get important information on the learning expectations and curriculum content for your child’s new year band.

All our children have now chosen their Learning Friends and Mrs Remmers is busy putting our new classes together ready for September. We shall announce our news classes, together with our new class names, as soon as possible.