In a class of our own

We are currently organising our classes for September as part of our planning for the coming school year. As we organise the new classes, our teachers will draw on their excellent understanding of our children and, in addition, will ask each child to compile his/her own list of Learning Partners. These are other pupils your child works well with and who also support your child in their learning. If there is anything, which you would like to make us aware of, please see me or your child’s current class teacher as soon as possible and by Wednesday 10 June at the latest.

A new school year will also mean it’s time to change our class names too. The job of coming up with the new names has been given to our current Head/Deputy Boy/Girl team of Toby Gorner, Ben Harper, Jessica Noble and Bethan Rees and their newly elected successors, Charlie Walker, George Westley-Smith, Esther Evans and Grace  Park-Davies. They need to compile a list of famous men and women, who represent a range of nationalities, areas of expertise and reasons for being significant. The Head/Deputy Boy/Girl teams will be collecting suggestions from all our children during play and lunch times next week. If you do have any good ideas, please let them know, so they can be added to the list.