Harvest at Greenfield

All our parents and families are warmly invited to join us for our Harvest Festival Assemblies at Greenfield on Thursday 9 October.  We shall celebrate our Key Stage 2 Harvest Festival at 9.15 am and our Early Years and Key Stage 1 Harvest Festival at 2.30 pm.

We are asking for Harvest Gifts in the form of a Morning Coffee Box or items to send to the Black Country Food Bank.  Ideally a Morning Coffee Box should contain a jar of coffee, some tea bags, sugar and a packet or two of biscuits.  Suggestions for the Food Bank box may include UHT fruit juice, potatoes (tinned & dried), coffee, tinned veg, cooking sauces, breakfast cereals, rice, noodles, biscuits, ready meals and non-food items such as shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste.

Please bring your Harvest Gifts into school on the day of our Harvest Celebrations, Thursday 9 October.  We welcome our children and families to nominate elderly relatives and neighbours, who would appreciate a Harvest Gift.  If you have someone in mind, please let us know by emailing their name to hsmith@greenfield.dudley.sch.uk.